Red squirrel and great spotted woodpecker

This 2016 video says about itself:

The red squirrel is one of Britain’s most treasured native creatures, but it’s also one of its most endangered.

A project aims to provide red squirrels with a brand new home in the Isles of Scilly where there are currently no grey squirrels.

A group of red squirrels from the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey was transported to Cornwall and then flown by helicopter from RNAS Culdrose to Tresco Abbey Gardens in September 2013.

Red Squirrels in The Abbey Gardens on The Island of Tresco, Isles of Scilly – Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Today, again to the cemetery.

Close to the entrance, a male great spotted woodpecker climbs up a tree.

A magpie up another tree.

A great tit and a nuthatch call.

A jay on a lawn.

A male blackbird on top of a tombstone. A female blackbird on the forest floor.

Then, a red squirrel up a tree. I had seen a red squirrel on this cemetery only once before, and that was almost ten years ago.

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