Caged minks get coronavirus infection

This 2016 PETA video says about itself:

Caged, Tortured and Gassed – The Life of Minks and Foxes on a US Fur Farm

A PETA US investigation into a Wisconsin fur farm reveals the cruelty that is rife within the fur industry.

Wisconsin is the top mink-producing state in the United States, and this footage from huge fur farm Dillenburg Fur Farm, LLC, reveals that thousands of minks and scores of foxes are kept in rows of filthy, wire-floored cages with their own waste piled high below. These animals are slaughtered to make fur coats and collars for shoppers all over the world.

Until January 2024, it is legal to breed American minks for fur in the Netherlands.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

At two mink breeders’ in North Brabant province the coronavirus has been diagnosed in several animals, the Ministry of Agriculture reports. The animals had various symptoms, including respiratory problems.

The ministry assumes human to animal contamination, because some employees of the businesses in Beek en Donk and Milheeze had symptoms of the coronavirus. To prevent spreading to other farms, animals and manure must not leave the farm. There are about 13,000 animals on both farms.

On the advice of the health authority, the area around both businesses is closed to cyclists and walkers within a radius of 400 meters. …

Previous research shows that ferret relatives, which include the mink, are susceptible to infection with Covid-19.

Two more Dutch mink farms contaminated: here.

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