COVID-19 disaster in the USA, update

This 22 April 2020 United States TV video says about itself:

Report: Federal agencies backed W.H.O. before Trump pulled funding

A report published by ProPublica says U.S. federal agencies backed the actions of the World Health Organization before President Trump criticized it and pulled funding last week. ProPublica reporter Yeganeh Torbati joins CBSN to discuss important details revealed in the internal documents.

“Back to work” campaign in the US will lead to surge in coronavirus deaths. 24 April 2020. The American ruling class is attempting to rapidly resume production and send workers back to work. If this policy is carried out, countless thousands more people will get gravely sick or die: here.

Trump is more interested in getting the economy going than he is in our lives”. US autoworkers oppose rush to reopen plants. By Jerry White, 24 April 2020. The automakers are moving rapidly to reopen the auto industry even though it would accelerate the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Meatpacking plants at center of many North America COVID-19 outbreaks. By Shannon Jones, 24 April 2020. Many communities where meatpacking plants are located are suffering much higher infection rates than the national average.

Tyson poultry workers in Tennessee speak out on terrible health and safety conditions. By Zac Thornton, 24 April 2020. Workers describe a regime in the plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee where they are intimidated into silence over lax enforcement of health and safety even as COVID-19 is spreading widely.

North Dakota General Electric wind turbine plant closes as 128 people test positive for COVID-19. By Anthony Bertolt, 24 April 2020. An outbreak at a wind turbine plant in Grand Forks has led to a sharp spike in infections in the sparsely populated state.

US coronavirus deaths approach 50,000. By Benjamin Mateus, 24 April 2020. The pandemic continues its onslaught at a steady but disconcerting pace.

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