COVID-19 disaster in the USA news

This 23 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Harass COVID-19 Nurses | NowThis

‘We’re trying to do the right thing, and we don’t need to get attacked.’ — Watch anti-lockdown protesters harass these nurses.

In US news and current events today, watch these nurses and health care professionals get harassed by anti-lockdown protesters.

As US governors rush to reopen businesses, “Excess death” counts begin to reveal true toll of pandemic. By Bryan Dyne, 23 April 2020. A series of reports have shown that the real death toll from the coronavirus in many parts of the United States and Europe is likely at least twice what has been officially reported.

Coronavirus in the USA, cartoon

Amazon workers continue job actions and protests, as tech employees plan Friday sickout. By Shuvu Batta, 23 April 2020. Amazon workers’ courageous actions, defying the company’s intimidation campaign, are winning the support of wider layers of the working class.

Amazon worker at Staten Island Facility JFK8 in New York City (Image Credit: @AngeMariaSolis)

Shipyard workers launch wildcat strike in Norfolk, Virginia. By Ed Hightower, 23 April 2020. A total of five workers at BAE Systems shipyard have tested positive for the highly contagious respiratory disease.

Merchants of death: Multibillion-dollar bailout for arms industry amid rising COVID-19 toll. 23 April 2020. Workers in arms plants, classified as “essential infrastructure,” have protested and struck against the coronavirus threat that confronts the entire working class amidst the drive for a return to work: here.

Mass deaths in New York nursing homes. By Ali Elhassan, 23 April 2020. Combined with a lack of testing three months into the pandemic, state policies have created conditions for an uncontrollable spread of the virus and horrific mass deaths among the elderly, and significant fatalities among the staff.

Despite restrictions eviction notices still being delivered in New Orleans amid pandemic. By Aaron Murch, 23 April 2020. There have been multiple instances in New Orleans and around the country of landlords sending eviction notices as a bullying tactic to force out or squeeze rent payments from of poor and unemployed workers.

7 thoughts on “COVID-19 disaster in the USA news

  1. Trump’s Pandemic Plan: “Absolute Authority,” No Responsibility

    Susan B. Glasser – The New Yorker -A week ago, President Trump foreshadowed his growing anxiety over when and how to end the Great Shutdown, a decision he is well aware will have existential consequences—for his own political future. He called the question of reopening the country amid the coronavirus pandemic “the biggest decision I’ll ever make” and “by far the biggest decision of my life.” Yet by the time Trump advertised a “Major News Conference” for Thursday evening, there was little suspense from a man who has been tweeting about a “LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL” and who declared, on March 24th, that he wanted church pews “packed” by Easter. Trump backed off the Easter deadline within days of promoting it, and he repeated the act this week, with a May 1st date and a new plan for “OPENING UP AMERICA AGAIN,” which started out on Monday as an imperial diktat from an almighty President and ended up on Thursday as a mere recommendation to individual states, without a fixed date. Many governors have already announced that they will not follow his guidance. “You’re going to call your own shots,” Trump reassured them on a conference call on Thursday afternoon, according to an audio recording, which promptly leaked. “You’re going to be calling the shots.” This might seem a head-spinning reversal. But it is classic Trump. His two most memorable lines of the covid-19 pandemic, proclaiming “absolute authority” and “no responsibility at all,” are wildly contradictory, and yet also completely consistent with his approach to governing. The novel coronavirus is truly a new type of American crisis, but it has been met by the same old, same old from America’s President: unhinged press conferences and unfounded conspiracy theories; lies, attacks, and bizarre non sequiturs; and abrupt, seemingly incomprehensible policy shifts from a leader who has no problem changing course at the expense of his own credibility. (rh)


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