Billionaires finance Trump’s astroturf ‘Flu Klux Klan’

This 22 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

The Billionaires Behind Re-Open Protests Revealed

Right-wing Reopen “The Country” protests appeared across the country, and some think they came out of nowhere. Thom Hartmann reveals who is behind these protesters and what they really want.

In the middle of a quarantine and lockdown, Americans are protesting to reopen the country? But why? Turns out it is people who want you, the working class and the poor, to go back to work!

Thom Hartmann calls these extreme right advocates of more coronavirus deaths the ‘Flu Klux Klan’.

They certainly use the same fake ‘arguments’ as the Ku Klux Klan, as these photos show.

This 21 April 2020 satirical music video from the USA is a parody about Donald Trump’s policies on the coronavirus crisis.

It says about itself:

The Liar Tweets Tonight

By Roy Zimmerman and The ReZisters, featuring Sandy Riccardi. Made in collaboration with the Raging Grannies of Mendocino.

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” words and music by Solomon Linda. Parody lyrics by Ede Morris, Roy Zimmerman, Melanie Harby.

73 thoughts on “Billionaires finance Trump’s astroturf ‘Flu Klux Klan’

  1. We find ourselves in difficult times. Across the country and around the world, we are facing unprecedented challenges, stresses, and concerns for our families and friends. All of us at LCV hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

    What is certain is that while we are all impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re not all impacted the same way because of the compounded effects of systemic injustice and institutional racism. COVID-19 is hitting communities of color hardest — especially Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. And President Trump’s racist and xenophobic rhetoric in response to the crisis has threatened the safety of Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander communities across the country. This pandemic is yet another example that our fight to protect public health is inextricably linked to advancing racial justice.

    Many cities and states are reporting disproportionate infection and mortality rates among people of color.

    In New York City, Black and Latinx people, who make up 51% of the city’s population, account for 62% of the city’s deaths.
    The Navajo Nation, which spans across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, has more confirmed cases of coronavirus per capita than all states except for New York and New Jersey — a crisis that is exacerbated by the communities’ lack of access to clean running water.
    In Illinois, where Black people make up a mere 15% of the population, they account for 28% of positive coronavirus diagnoses and 43% of the deaths.
    In Louisiana, where a third of the state’s population is Black, Black people have accounted for 70% of the state’s coronavirus related deaths.


    There are many systemic reasons why communities of color are facing greater risks of contracting this virus, including unjust red-lining policies, predatory banking systems that undermined the ability of families of color to build generational wealth, and inequitable access to healthcare, but environmental injustices are chief among them.

    New research confirms what communities of color have experienced: Coronavirus patients who lived with more air pollution before the virus are more likely to die from the virus. And air pollution and other toxic pollution is concentrated higher on average in communities of color all across the country, leading to higher rates of asthma, heart and respiratory conditions, and worse health outcomes — all of which multiply the danger of the novel coronavirus.

    It’s clear that our work to advance environmental justice and protect the health of families across the nation is more important in the face of this tragedy than ever before. LCV is committed to working alongside environmental justice groups leading the fight to build a more equitable and just world for all of us. But we can’t do it without all of you on board.

    Join us in supporting the Climate Justice Alliance and 5 Principles of a #PeoplesBailout to improve the public health and well-being of all communities while tackling the current coronavirus and ongoing climate crises »

    Trump’s response to the pandemic has disregarded science, cost lives and livelihoods, and magnified the devastating impact of this crisis on communities of color. From gutting the EPA’s ability to hold toxic polluters accountable to decimating cleaner car standards that protect the air our families breathe, the Trump administration is doubling down on their toxic anti-environment agenda in the middle of a public health crisis. As you read this, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is undermining the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) to allow the release of more mercury, carcinogens, and other neurotoxins into our air.

    This work is critical, it cannot wait, and it takes all of us working together to build a more equitable environmental movement. Stay safe, and thank you for all that you do.

    LCV Membership Team


  2. Throughout last week and this week, protests against stay-at-home orders erupted in the streets of at least 10 states, thanks to prominent members of the gun lobby and the president himself.1

    These protesters brought children. They brought guns. They blocked ambulances from getting into a hospital.2 And their demand to re-open the country well before public health experts say we’re ready is putting frontline workers, who are mostly women, in grave danger.

    How did several public safety-endangering protests happen despite nationwide measures against the coronavirus? Facebook.

    Three gun lobbyists in Minnesota created Facebook pages to spread misinformation and encourage these in-person protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. From there, similar Facebook pages spread to several more states. Trump has publicly supported these protests, claiming protesters are “liberating” their states.3

    On the one hand, Facebook has been aggressively banning harmful content, including ones that concern COVID, following years of criticism and advocacy from people across the country.4 On the other, Facebook was just caught in a lie: The company falsely claimed, in keeping with its own policy, that it took down Facebook events that violate stay-at-home orders when it actually did no such thing.5 With the company under intense scrutiny once again, if enough of us speak out we can make Facebook enforce its own policy and shut down these dangerous right-wing pages.

    Tell decision-makers at Facebook: Protect frontline workers and the public. Ban Facebook forums that spread lies about coronavirus and encourage protests against stay-at-home orders.
    Sign the petition

    These right-wing protests fanned by Facebook are, above all, endangering frontline workers. In other words, women.

    Women make up 77% of health care workers, 78% of social workers, and more than two-thirds of grocery store and fast-food employees, all of whom have little choice but to risk exposing themselves to the coronavirus to try to keep the rest of the public safe and cared for while this pandemic lasts.6

    In fact, last week in Denver, Colorado, women health care workers courageously blocked traffic to stop protesters who were on their way to an in-person rally demanding the state lift stay-at-home orders.7

    Over 45,000 people and counting have died of COVID-19 in the United States, and Facebook is ruining nationwide measures to flatten the curve by allowing these dangerous forums to continue.8

    For the past few years, Facebook has been forced to take aggressive measures against fake, misleading, or harmful content after nationwide outcry against its complicity in spreading dangerous content. With the widespread outcry caused by these right-wing protests against COVID-19 safety measures, we can force Facebook to apply its own policy of banning dangerous content.

    Will you tell Facebook to protect the public and ban Facebook forums encouraging protests against stay-at-home orders?

    Thanks for speaking out!

    –Shaunna, Kat, Kathy, Anathea, Sonja, Melody, Lindsay, Pam, Maria, Kimberly, and Katie, the UltraViolet team


    1. Pro-gun activists using Facebook groups to push anti-quarantine protests, Washington Post, April 19, 2020

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    7. Health workers face anti-lockdown protesters in dramatic photos, CNN, April 20, 2020

    8. August may bring more US coronavirus deaths than expected, but next wave in winter could be worse, CNN, April 22, 2020


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