Anti-coronavirus ventilators smuggled into Brazil

This 30 March 2020 video from Brazil says about itself, translated from Portuguese:

The governor of Maranhão state, Flávio Dino, in an interview with Leonardo Sakamoto, affirms that Brazil suffers from two pathologies – the coronavirus and the policies of extreme right President Bolsonaro.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 22 April 2020:

Brazilian communists sneak ventilators into the country via Ethiopia

THE communist-run Brazilian state of Maranhao has brought much-needed ventilators from China via Ethiopia in a “war operation” against coronavirus.

Governor Flavio Dino bought more than 100 of the artificial respiration machines for the north-eastern state but, fearing that they would be confiscated en route by the United States or Brazil’s federal [Bolsonaro] government, he had them sent by sea to Ethiopia for onward shipment.

The shipment, which also included 200,000 masks, arrived last week in Sao Paolo, where, instead of passing through customs, it was immediately loaded onto a chartered plane to fly the 3,000 miles north to Maranhao.

29 thoughts on “Anti-coronavirus ventilators smuggled into Brazil

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