How Facebook makes billions for boss Zuckerberg

This 14 September 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Facebook ‘Fact Checkers’ Include Science Denying Right-Wing Propagandists

Last year, Facebook announced that it would partner with The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine, to “fact check” news articles that are shared on Facebook. At the time, ThinkProgress expressed alarm at this decision.

The Weekly Standard has a history of placing right-wing ideology before accurate reporting. Among other things, it labeled the Iraq War “A War to Be Proud Of” in 2005, and it ran an article in 2017 labeling climate science “Dadaist Science”, and promoted that article with the phrase “look under the hood on climate change ‘science’ and what you see isn’t pretty.”

Read more here.

From the Marx Memorial Library in London, England, 19 April 2020:

Just how does Facebook make its profit?

Despite its tiny staff, the company has enormous wealth. This has as much to do with data-scraping its users as it has to do with another concept Marx detailed: religion

ONE of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a huge increase in social media use. Facebook alone has seen an increase in total messaging of over 50 per cent in countries most affected by the virus, and use of WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has grown by 40 per cent.

Facebook isn’t a big employer. It has just under 45,000 employees in total — up from just seven individuals when it was launched 15 years ago. But its profits are vast — about $22 billion (£17bn) last year.

And that’s despite its $5bn (£3.8bn) fine for allowing Cambridge Analytica, consultants to President Trump’s electoral campaign, to harvest the data of its users.

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