Coronavirus pandemic news, Britain

This 20 April 2020 video from Britain says about itself:

They Done Everything to Destroy the NHS“. Chris Packham on Coronavirus Crisis

This crisis exposes the fact that the nation’s baby, the greatest institution we’ve got in the UK, has been left very, very vulnerable”

Full 29min Chris Packham interview: here.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain, 20 April 2020:

Boots accused of exploiting lockdown exemption by forcing workers to carry on as normal

Staff tell Star the company is putting their lives at risk for non-essential products like mascara and aftershave

BOOTS staff contacted the Star today accusing the company of “immorality” for forcing shop assistants to carry on working during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pharmacy chain has told shop assistants to keep reporting for duty to sell “essentials” such as mascara and aftershave after the company was exempted from lockdown restrictions so that it can dispense vital medications.

A letter signed by Boots staff who do not wish to be named for fear of disciplinary action accused the firm of exploiting its privileged position by maintaining a “business as normal” attitude towards non-essential shopworkers not involved in the pharmaceutical side of the business.

Labour calls for urgent reform of benefits system to keep workers affected by Covid-19 lockdown afloat: here.

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus pandemic news, Britain

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  2. The health service is of zilch importance, and Covid-19 is not even worth Boris’ time to deal with, when he can just send some monkeys out to spout on about it. The most important thing is Brexit, but his first world trade deal has already fallen through — PPE from Turkey, which will only be sealed by massive political concessions from the UK.


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