Coronavirus crisis in the USA

This 17 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

LGBTQIA People Face Unique Barriers To COVID-19 Care

Congressional candidate Bre Kidman says profit-driven medicine depends on maintaining the unequal access to healthcare faced by trans, LGBTQ, and other marginalized groups.

The pandemic, profits and the capitalist justification of suffering and death. 18 April 2020. For the financial-corporate oligarchy, the pandemic has been viewed, above all else, as an economic crisis. Its principal concern from the start was not the potential loss of life but the destabilization of the financial markets, the disruption of the process of profit extraction, and, of course, a substantial decline in the personal wealth of the members of the oligarchy: here.

Amazon workers in Italy strike over coronavirus cover-up. Worker resistance grows internationally as governments push premature return to work. By Shannon Jones, 18 April 2020. The reckless drive by the Trump administration and governments in Europe to resume production despite health warnings will produce a social explosion.

As US deaths soar, bipartisan back-to-work drive guarantees the explosive spread of pandemic. By Benjamin Mateus, 18 April 2020. Trump and the political establishment are seeking to enforce a return to work despite the warnings of medical experts that the US is nowhere near prepared to reopen safely.

Detroit-area hospitals slash jobs and close facilities to cut costs during COVID-19 crisis. By Kevin Reed, 18 April 2020. Corporate health care providers in the Detroit area are attempting to impose financial losses associated with the health crisis onto the working class.

Nurse who exposed conditions at Massachusetts nursing home dies from COVID-19. By Andrew Timon, 18 April 2020. Maria Krier’s death is another tragic outcome of the appalling conditions in nursing homes throughout New England and the US.

Seventeen bodies found piled in a New Jersey nursing home. By Erik Schreiber, 18 April 2020. This ghastly discovery is symptomatic of the disaster unfolding at nursing homes in the state, across the US and internationally.

Florida orders National Guard to assist in nursing home COVID-19 testing. By Matthew Taylor, 18 April 2020. There has been no push for mass testing, with only 236,000 of the state’s more than 21 million residents tested to date.

Washington D.C. legislature endorses limited rent relief, bars assistance to undocumented immigrants. By our reporter, 18 April 2020. The city’s government left it up to representatives of the city’s tourist industry to provide assistance to undocumented workers.

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus crisis in the USA

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  2. We’re a queer BIPOC 7 person house in Jersey City. I was already in lockdown mode due to indigenous info (Shinnecock jel Wetsuweten situations, etc), but I’m looking forward to the BIPOC and queers jel disabled folk (I am one) getting together and finally addressing history: that when colonists came here and killed our queers and made our genders binary (after doing the same to themselves before meeting us) and plagiarized our governments, removing that ALL RELATIONS ARE EQUAL from them, they doomed their system. That means BIPOC queers and poor to the front to die for the imperial system, or to the front of staying home, empowering one another, and phoenixing this 2020 kitpu style. It’s 7th generation time, looking forward to what ukmuljin(8th generation will be adding next ❤️ Wela’lin(thanks for the piece! – a Mi’kmaq two-spirit puoin nonbinary transgender queer BIPOC folk 🙏🤟🖖✌️🙏😹

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