Blackbirds, blackcaps, nuthatches and jays

This October 2019 video is about Bosdrift cemetery in Hilversum.

We went there today.

Before we reached the cemetery, house sparrows in a hawthorn tree with ivy.

At the entrance, a dunnock singing.

One of many jays.

A wood pigeon.

A buzzard calls. So does a great tit.

A male and a female blackbird together on top of a standing tombstone.

A wren.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

Nuthatch sound. Robin sound.

A carrion crow on a tree.

A blackcap sings.

So does a chiffchaff.

A jay with an acorn in its bill on top of a tombstone.

Near the exit, a magpie.

As we pass the old harbour, four jackdaws on a lawn.

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