Coronavirus crisis, worldwide update

Trump and the coronavirus, cartoon

This cartoon by Henry Beaumont from Britain shows United States President Donald Trump running away from the coronavirus disaster which he helped to cause with his policies. The wave symbolizing the coronavirus pandemic is inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai´s depiction of a big wave.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain

Friday, April 3, 2020

Fears of pogroms in India as Muslims blamed for Covid-19 outbreak

Fears have been raised over a return to faith-based pogroms in India after a rise in Islamophobic rhetoric seeking to blame the coronavirus outbreak on Muslims.

More than 300 cases of Covid-19 have been linked to a recent week-long Islamic gathering in Delhi, which attracted thousands from India and overseas, and officials are trying to contact attendees and their secondary contacts.

But the news has led to fears of a repeat of the communal violence seen in recent months following the introduction of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.

El-Sisi uses coronavirus pandemic to tighten grip on Egypt. By Jean Shaoul, 3 April 2020. Egypt did nothing to prepare for the onset of the virus, despite being identified in early February, along with Algeria and South Africa, as one of the African countries most at risk.

An interview with four Chinese physicians at the epicenter of the pandemic in Wuhan: here.

Over the past week, state and federal governments have demanded that nine cruise ships in Australian waters near major ports depart immediately, despite the risk of mass coronavirus outbreaks on board. As many as twelve other cruise liners are in or near Australian waters. The dictates have placed at risk the safety and lives of the 11,000 people on board the nine vessels, the majority of whom are low-paid workers: here.

South Australian teacher speaks out against governments keeping schools open. By Sue Phillips, 3 April 2020. Amidst the mounting coronavirus danger, teachers are demanding the closure of schools.

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