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  1. Today Trump bragged that if we only have 100,000-200,000 deaths in America from this coronavirus once in a century pandemic that would represent him doing a “terrific job.” That’s an awful long way from “Fifteen infections will soon be down to zero.” In a previous message we hesitated from calling Trump a mass murderer. He may have just crossed that line.

    Trump has now moved the goal posts on judging his performance so far into genocide territory, if we have any less than 2 million deaths in America, that’s supposed to represent what a wonderful leader he is. 2 million deaths is what medical experts, who know what they are talking about, say we would suffer here if we did nothing.

    Yeah, well guess what, nothing is exactly what Trump has done for months, as he gas lighted over and over, week after week, that this would all just go away if we did exactly nothing. Pack the churches on Easter indeed.

    2 million deaths is what we would get if there was something approaching a 100% infection rate among our citizens, presuming about a 1% fatality rate. Let that sink in for a moment. A 100% infection rate. Could there be a better definition of a total and complete leadership failure?

    So now by Trump’s new self-serving post moving the goal posts standard, anything short of the most pathetic incompetence is supposed to be a swell job of playing president.

    Today, Dr. Deborah Brix, the White House coronavirus response so-called coordinator, who if she is not a blithering idiot sure talks like one in the dark shadow of Trump’s all consuming praise craving ego, said that we could limit . . . limit mind you . . . deaths to 200,000 if we had near perfect mitigation. She knows perfectly well there is no such thing going on even now. So much for being no worse than the common flu.

    If there was perfect mitigation going on there would be no in person government briefings or press conferences of any kind, six foot spacing or not, it would be teleconferencing only. There was video out today of people building a tent field hospital in Central Park. If there was even near perfect mitigation, in one of the hottest hot spots of all, everyone in that video would have been wearing a face mask. None were.

    The reason why what Brix said is so stupid is because even so-called “near” perfect mitigation continues to allow the virus to spread. Partial mitigation may slow the rate of new infections, but if you know anything about mathematical models of infection propagation with something as infectious as this, if even a minority of the population is still out there acting recklessly (read deaf, dumb and blind Trump supporters) mathematically you still arrive in the end at the same number of total infections.

    We’ll say it again. This is incredibly important. We will end up with essentially the SAME number of ultimate deaths as the worst case scenario unless there is TOTAL intervention, not just “mitigation”.

    And yet, even today, there are governors out there, especially Republicans, playing cute handicappers about which parts of their states need to worry and which don’t, mirroring Trump’s silly county by county patchwork scheme. They are playing Russian roulette with the lives of their populations and with bullets in all the chambers, and it’s going to end very, very badly.

    Now, this is what a real leader would do.

    Because the virus has already propagated so widely in America, EVERY man, woman and child in America must immediately self quarantine for at least 3 weeks, until those currently infected run their course whatever it is. They must not leave their homes except to buy food, or doing something else critically essential, and then only if they are wearing a face mask. A national ban on evictions and power/gas/water turn offs. Every man, woman and child must be tested, and treated accordingly. Our borders must be sealed completely except for vital freight shipments, and when reopened nobody must be allowed in who is not tested, and even then monitored and rigidly quarantined for at least 3 weeks.

    That’s what it’s going to take. That’s how China escaped the worst case, for the moment.

    That’s what Trump needs to order before it’s too late. And if he does not, he might as well be a mass murderer. That is the consequence of continuing to push the lie that everything is under control, when it absolutely is not at all.

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


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