Coronavirus news from Britain

London Renters Union

By Ceren Sagir in Britain:

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

‘Suspend rent during Covid-19 pandemic

Tenant unions warn many still at work despite health advice due to fear of missing payments

CAMPAIGNERS called for the suspension of rents today, arguing that government inaction will force people to keep working and put the public at risk.

Failure to take action on rent leads people to ignore public-health advice and go out to work because of pressure from landlords, London Renters Union (LRU) said.

This means they are unable to follow lockdown rules, increasing the risk of spreading the virus and putting further strain on the NHS.

Care workers left with the kind of PPE they would wear to ‘make a sandwich,’ union warns. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn demands government provides full PPE for all health and social-care workers: here.

College bosses condemned for pushing through redundancies during pandemic. Scotland’s Educational Institute of Scotland says Forth Valley College’s moves are ‘indefensible’: here.

Posties call for greater protection from Covid-19 to help them continue to serve. Communication Workers Union suggests Royal Mail should cease operating for profit for the duration of the crisis and become part of a united effort to beat the virus: here.

Charity urges for protection of women in childbirth during coronavirus. Maternity charity Birthrights also called on Justice Secretary Robert Buckland to ensure the urgent release and support of pregnant women and new mothers from prisons: here.

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