Coronavirus pandemic news update

United States nurses protest against Trump's coronavirus neglicence

Translated from daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Nursing unions blasts US government for failing to provide protective equipment

President Donald Trump’s administration has asked health workers to wear bandannas and scarves instead

NURSING unions in the US have launched a scathing social-media campaign blasting the government’s failure to provide protective equipment for health workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nurses have been asked by President Donald Trump’s administration to wear bandannas and scarves over their faces if they cannot find masks and respirators while testing and treating patients with Covid-19.

The US faces an extreme shortage of the protective equipment needed to stop the spread of the disease, despite the country becoming the new epicentre of the global pandemic with more than 55,000 confirmed cases.

The United States is rapidly becoming the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic. The number of cases in the country rocketed past both those in Italy and China. The US now has the largest number of officially recorded cases of COVID-19, 85,594, and the largest number of new cases in a 24-hour period, more than 17,000. The death toll in the United States is now 1,300: here.

As US cases of COVID-19 surpass all other countries. Trump’s “Get back to work” demagogy aids the spread of the pandemic: here.

Will the coronavirus crisis break the neoliberal political consensus? With capitalism shaken by the pandemic, the possibility for change is there, but it won’t be won without a fight, says SOLOMON HUGHES.

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