Coronavirus epidemic news update

This 26 March 2020 video from the USA is called Conservatives Want To Sacrifice Grandma To The Market Gods.

USA: Following deaths of three autoworkers to COVID-19. Fiat Chrysler and Ford set April 14 target to re-open US plants. By Tom Hall, 27 March 2020. The rush to re-open the plants collides with elementary public health considerations and will expose tens of thousands of autoworkers to the risk of infection and death.

Several hundred sanitation workers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania walked off the job Wednesday morning to demand protective gear after the wife of one of the workers tested positive for COVID-19. They are part of a growing wave of workers who are going on strike in opposition to demands that they work under unsafe conditions: here.

“There’s such a cruelty about the situation”: New York City hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus surge: here.

Detroit hospitals warn many “extremely sick” patients will be denied lifesaving treatment: here.

As of Thursday, there were 1,277 reported cases of COVID-19 in the Washington, D.C. extended region, which encompasses Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland. Since the first initial infections were detected in early March, the region has seen an explosive growth in confirmed coronavirus infections, hitting the young and the old alike: here.

The bipartisan corporate “rescue” package awaiting approval by the House of Representatives carves out of its more than $1 trillion in taxpayer handouts to large businesses some $17 billion for airplane manufacturer Boeing. The company’s cut is part of a $75 billion bailout of the airline industry as a whole: here.

Wall Street surged yesterday for the third day in a row on the back of the Trump administration’s $2 trillion “relief” package, which is about to be signed into law, even as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the real economy continue to deepen: here.

Canada: Vancouver homeless left to fend for themselves amid coronavirus pandemic: here.

Today, British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson reported he was infected with the coronavirus.

He got this reaction on Twitter:

Deaths due to COVID-19 continued to increase throughout Europe yesterday with 2,219 new fatalities across the continent. Total deaths now stand at 16,395, with 15,556 of these within the European Union’s 27 member states: here.

COVID-19 pandemic: Doctors sue French government for criminal negligence: here.

Profits before lives: German parliament passes emergency package for large corporations and the rich: here.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro threatens dictatorship over COVID-19 crisis. By Miguel Andrade, 27 March 2020. Leading Brazilian businessmen have terrorized workers with threats of “40 million unemployed” unless state quarantines are lifted: here.

Just as the coronavirus takes hold in Africa, threatening the impoverished continent’s entire population, a serious outbreak of locusts is spreading across parts of East Africa and into the Horn of Africa. The outbreak poses an unprecedented threat to food security in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries: here.

Australian school system in chaos after coronavirus semi-closures. By Patrick Kelly, 27 March 2020. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s insistence that schools remain open as usual reflected economic, not health, considerations: here.

Australian teachers use social media to speak out on coronavirus danger, 27 March 2020. One teacher wrote: “The world is screaming at us to see what happens when governments are too slow to act. Strike now!”: here.

Australia’s imprisoned refugees plead for release as coronavirus risk increases: here.

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