New York Rikers Island prisoners on strike

This 27 March 2020 video about New York City in the USA says about itself:

Rikers Island Prisoners Strike for Soap, Cleaning Wipes

Journalist Kim Kelly has been in contact with a prisoner inside Rikers Island. She talks with TRNN’s Eddie Conway about why immediate further action is needed to protect people from COVID-19.

Stop all non-essential work, Swiss workers say

This 27 March 2020 video says about itself:

Allesandro Pelizzari, general secretary of Switzerland’s largest trade union Unia, calls for shutdown of all non-essential work immediately to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking at the UK organised online meeting, “Workplace collective action to slow coronavirus”, he said “As soon as the government announced the lockdown, we went out and blocked construction sites the next day…

Build up coherent political demands, with the demands coming from the workers. So shutting down every non-essential economic activity, security measures for people working in essential activities, and welfare for the people staying at home because they’ve lost their jobs.”

Union general secretaries in the UK: are you listening? Time to get organised ourselves. Join the Facebook group: Coronavirus Support Group for Workers.

California, USA: Mayor: Teenager with COVID-19 died after initially being denied care over insurance: here.

Restaurant lockdown, but not for elite

This 24 March 2020 Associated Press video about the USA says about itself:

The Navy says three sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for coronavirus.

Today, Dutch NOS radio reports that the Dutch socialist party has asked the government questions about Schiphol airport.

In principle, all restaurants are closed down because of the coronavirus.

However, there is the luxurious Aspire Lounge. There, waitresses and waiters still have to bring food and drinks to rich airline passengers, risking to get infected with coronavirus.

Coronavirus update, videos

This 27 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

U.S. Is #1 in Pandemic: Rep. Omar Blasts Trump for “Wrong Kind of American Exceptionalism”

As much of the United States is under lockdown, the House votes today on a $2 trillion emergency relief package to address the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. It will generate payments to most Americans and includes protections for workers, but it is also a massive bailout for a number of industries and corporations, and the vote comes as a record 3.28 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits.

We speak with Congressmember Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, the first Somali American elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and one of the first Muslim women in Congress, about the bill, Trump’s response to the pandemic, how she has joined calls for student debt relief and to release immigrants and prisoners facing infection, and the challenges African countries face in responding to the coronavirus.

This 27 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

We continue our look at the massive $2 trillion coronavirus relief package — the largest stimulus bill in U.S. history — with author Matt Stoller, who argues the country will be unrecognizable after this pandemic if big corporations walk away with trillions of dollars and no strings attached. Stoller is research director at the American Economic Liberties Project and author of the book “Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy.” His recent column for The Guardian is headlined “The coronavirus relief bill could turn into a corporate coup if we aren’t careful.”

This 27 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

When Home Isn’t Safe: Shelter-in-Place Is Putting Domestic Violence Survivors in a “Dire Situation”

As schools shut, public spaces close, and all but essential workers are ordered to stay indoors under shelter-in-place orders across the U.S. and globe, domestic violence services are scrambling to help vulnerable people navigate home lives that they say are increasingly unsafe during the pandemic. What happens when you’re trapped at home with your abuser? “This is really a dire situation for a lot of victims across the country,” says Katie Ray-Jones, chief executive officer of the National Domestic Violence Hotline and loveisrespect.

Flowers of Amsterdam Artis zoo, video

This 17 April 2020 video is from Artis zoo in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Like Keukenhof flower park and many other things, Artis is closed now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Like the Keukenhof, Artis decided to make videos about how the zoo is doing without visitors.

This video shows, eg, the flowers of the Papegaaienlaan (parrot lane). Decades ago, parrots used to sit there on stands. The parrots now have much more space in an aviary. Now, along the Papegaaienlaan, there are colourful flowers, reminiscent of the parrots.

Airline workers demand coronavirus safety

This 21 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Social distancing during coronavirus, explained by an expert

To fight coronavirus, we need to change how we live.

“Social distancing”, also called physical distancing, is the best way to slow the spread of coronavirus and save lives in your community. It means leaving home as little as possible, keeping six feet away from others in public, and generally just limiting in-person social contact. But the rules of social distancing can be sort of blurry and confusing. Can you have close friends over for dinner? Can you visit relatives? Can you get on a plane if you’re wearing a face mask? What is life even supposed to look like without social contact?

We spoke with University of Pennsylvania social epidemiologist Carolyn Cannuscio about how we should think about social distancing, and what measures we should each be taking to do our part in slowing down the pandemic. Practicing social distancing properly isn’t easy, she says. But it’s also the best thing that each of us can do right now in the service of public health.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Trade union wants 1.5 meters distancing on board of all flights

The cabin crew union VNC no longer considers it safe for cabin crew to fly crowded aircraft. They want KLM to observe the 1.5-meter rule on all flights that are still going on. The union is also very concerned about continuing to fly to the New York airport JFK. New York is the epicentre of the corona crisis in the USA.

The VNC calls it irresponsible that there are still flights to New York seven times a week. “It is a greatly increased chance that we will carry passengers with coronavirus and thereby expose the cabin crew to immense risk.”

The VNC expects KLM to stop flights immediately, just like when China was the corona epicentre. KLM has not yet responded.