Japanese women’s victory against mandatory high heels

This 9 November 2019 CBS TV video says about itself:

Women declare war on high heels in Japan

There is an outcry on social media after a number of Japanese companies reportedly banned female employees from wearing eyeglasses to work. The controversy is similar to another, concerning female footwear in the workplace. Lucy Craft reports.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

High heels for female staff of Japan Airlines no longer required

Female cabin crew working for Japan Airlines will no longer be required to work on high heel shoes as of April 1. The women are also allowed to wear trousers from now on. The airline is the first major organization in Japan to change the dress code after an activist campaign that received a lot of attention.

The #KuToo movement opposes official beauty standards for women in Japan. With an online petition signed more than 32,000 times, employers are urged not to force women to wear heels while working. KuToo is a play on words with the Japanese words for ‘shoe’ and ‘pain’ and refers to the international #MeToo movement.

According to Yumi Ishikawa, the founder of #KuToo, women in hotels, department stores and banks are also forced to wear high heels while working. She hopes that these industries will follow the example of Japan Airlines. “It is a big step.”

The change in policy will take effect next month, giving nearly 6,000 female workers the choice of clothes and shoes to wear.

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