Trump attacks Cuban doctors for fighting coronavirus

This 22 March 2020 video says about itself:

Cuba is sending its medics to Lombardy to help Italian doctors fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Cuban doctors were on the frontlines in the fight against cholera in Haiti and against Ebola in West Africa 10 years ago. …

Al Jazeera’s Ed Augustin reports from Havana.

By Steve Sweeney:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

US pressures countries to reject Cuban aid during coronavirus pandemic

THE United States has launched a stunning attack on Cuba’s medical-aid missions, with the Trump administration pressing countries to reject them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuba has played a leading role in the global fight against the outbreak, sending medical teams and aid to some of the worst-affected countries, including Italy.

It has also provided supplies of the interferon alfa-2b, which has proved effective when used to treat more than 1,500 coronavirus patients and is one of 30 drugs chosen by the Chinese National Health Commission to combat respiratory disease.

Lions and other Botswana wildlife

This December 2019 video says about itself:

Carnivores of Botswana, lions, leopards, wild dogs and hyenas, Chobe and Moremi wildlife safari

Living Zoology team (Matej Dolinay and Zuzana Dolinay) went to Botswana and filmed amazing moments from the life of big carnivores. Grand Afrika travel agency is organizing tours to Botswana’s best wildlife areas where you can witness the precious moments like those which you will see in this film. Lions of Savuti are famous for hunting elephants, Moremi Game Reserve is famous for its abundance of wild dogs. Leopards and hyenas are also common. Watch this film to see some precious moments from the life of big predators of Botswana and also other interesting animals!

British bombs still killing Yemenis

This 30 July 2019 video says about itself:

Yemeni officials: Saudi led airstrike kills 10 civilians

Yemeni officials said an airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition hit a market in northern Yemen, killing at least 10 civilians, including children. They said the strike took place in the Saada province.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Friday, March 27, 2020

British bombs continue to rain on the people of Yemen

BRITISH bombs and rockets continue to rain down on the people of Yemen for the fifth year despite a court ruling that their sale to Saudi Arabia is unlawful, Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) reported yesterday.

The group said that Britain’s government has not acted on a Court of Appeal ruling that it was unlawful to have licensed British-made arms to the Saudi regime in its offensive against Yemen without assessing whether their use breaches international humanitarian law.

Saudi’s war on Yemen began in March 2015, creating what the United Nations has called “the worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” with more than 100,000 Yemeni deaths.

Japanese women’s victory against mandatory high heels

This 9 November 2019 CBS TV video says about itself:

Women declare war on high heels in Japan

There is an outcry on social media after a number of Japanese companies reportedly banned female employees from wearing eyeglasses to work. The controversy is similar to another, concerning female footwear in the workplace. Lucy Craft reports.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

High heels for female staff of Japan Airlines no longer required

Female cabin crew working for Japan Airlines will no longer be required to work on high heel shoes as of April 1. The women are also allowed to wear trousers from now on. The airline is the first major organization in Japan to change the dress code after an activist campaign that received a lot of attention.

The #KuToo movement opposes official beauty standards for women in Japan. With an online petition signed more than 32,000 times, employers are urged not to force women to wear heels while working. KuToo is a play on words with the Japanese words for ‘shoe’ and ‘pain’ and refers to the international #MeToo movement.

According to Yumi Ishikawa, the founder of #KuToo, women in hotels, department stores and banks are also forced to wear high heels while working. She hopes that these industries will follow the example of Japan Airlines. “It is a big step.”

The change in policy will take effect next month, giving nearly 6,000 female workers the choice of clothes and shoes to wear.

Coronavirus worldwide update today

This 26 March 2020 video by United States senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says about itself:

Trump is Putting Money Over Human Lives

It is enormously dangerous to ignore medical experts and try to bring people back to work who may be sick.

Our first priority must be to protect the health of the American people.

Money is just money. Life is life.

BILLIONAIRES WANT PEOPLE AT WORK, EVEN IF IT KILLS THEM As President Donald Trump pushes for an end to the nationwide social distancing practices that health professionals say are essential to saving lives, incredibly wealthy Americans are eager to get employees back to work ― and some say they’re OK with people dying. A number of the country’s richest businesspeople spoke frankly about the matter for a Bloomberg story published Wednesday. [HuffPost]

U.S. DEATH TOLL TOPS 1,000, MAKESHIFT MORGUE IN NYC U.S. deaths from the coronavirus pandemic topped 1,000, in a grim milestone for a global outbreak that is taking lives and wreaking havoc on economies and established routines of ordinary life. Deaths soared in New York City, the epicenter of the American outbreak, and bodies of the dead were being stored in refrigerated truck trailers. [AP]

Governor Cuomo pleads for assistance as New York state plunges into an unprecedented health crisis: here.

On Wednesday, two major Detroit-area hospitals—Henry Ford Health System and Beaumont Health—reported that facilities within their system had reached their capacity for treating coronavirus patients, as the number of confirmed cases in Michigan’s most populated metropolitan area continued to escalate. The total number of confirmed cases in Detroit proper reached 702 on Wednesday, contributing to a statewide total of 2,294 infections: here.

First immigrant in ICE custody tests positive for coronavirus in New Jersey: here.

Hospitals consider universal “do not resuscitate” orders for coronavirus patients.

For Asian-Americans, there are two pandemics.

Cheesecake Factory hailed for “starting the revolution” by refusing to pay rent.

CONGRESS HANDS TRUMP KEYS TO THE COUNTRY The emergency coronavirus legislation that the Senate agreed to can only be described as an outrage. It is not an economic rescue package, but a sentence of unprecedented economic inequality and corporate control over our politics that will resonate for a generation. It represents a transfer of wealth and power to the super-rich from the rest of us, with the support of both political parties ― a damning statement about the condition of American democracy. [HuffPost]

GOP SENATORS: CASH WILL MAKE AMERICANS LAZY Some Republican lawmakers have a big problem with the Senate’s emergency coronavirus legislation, which improves unemployment benefits for millions of people being laid off during the pandemic. “Unless this bill is fixed, there is a strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going to work,” four GOP senators complained in a statament. [HuffPost]

ABORTION PROVIDERS SUE TEXAS A coalition of abortion rights groups filed a lawsuit against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), challenging his ban on abortions during the coronavirus crisis. Abbott’s administration has ordered abortion providers to postpone all abortions that are not medically necessary to preserve the life or health of the patient, ostensibly to conserve medical supplies as health care facilities are flooded with coronavirus patients. [HuffPost]

THESE RETAILERS REFUSED TO CLOSE, SO TOWN SHUT THEM A spokesperson for the McHenry, Illinois, police department said it has served cease-and-desist orders against JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels and GameStop, telling the retailers they were violating the stay-home order issued by Gov. J.B. Pritzker. The refusal of those chains to close their doors has enraged employees who believe their services are anything but essential. [HuffPost]

ANIMAL HOSPITALS, VETS, DONATE VENTILATORS Veterinary hospitals and colleges and even zoos around the country are offering critically needed ventilators to hospitals struggling to treat coronavirus patients. Hospitals in areas hard-hit by the outbreak face dire shortages as the number of cases of COVID-19 quickly climb. As resources are stretched thin, loans of the breathing machines could save hundreds of lives. [HuffPost]

DOMESTIC ABUSE VICTIMS NEED MORE HELP As millions of Americans are forced to shelter in place amid the coronavirus crisis, some of the most vulnerable are those confined to isolation with their abusers. Two dozen senators urged the Department of Health and Human Services asking it to ensure anti-domestic violence and anti-sexual violence organizations have the “flexiblity, resources and information needed to continue to provide these critical services during the pandemic.” [HuffPost]

Leaked government report warns of tens of thousands of deaths in one Canadian province: here.

UK Judge Vanessa Baraitser yesterday refused an application to grant WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange bail. He is currently held on remand in London’s HMP Belmarsh, pending completion of a hearing to decide on his extradition to the United States on charges of espionage carrying a life sentence. Assange’s legal team made the bail request due to the “very real” and potentially “fatal” risk posed to his fragile health by the coronavirus pandemic. The judge’s decision is more proof that the British government, in collusion with the Trump administration and US security services, want nothing less than to see the world-famous journalist dead: here.

Britain: Last Sunday, the London Times reported on a private event held at the end of February at which leading Conservative government advisor Dominic Cummings explained the UK’s coronavirus response. Those present summarised his position as “herd immunity, protect the economy, and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.” A senior Conservative source described his view as “let old people die”: here.

The number of cases of coronavirus on the African continent continues to grow with more than 2,400 confirmed cases and 60 reported deaths across the continent as of Wednesday. There is the potential for a horrific loss of millions of lives, should the virus start to spread in working-class areas and densely packed slums in many of the overcrowded cities across Africa. The spread can only be exacerbated by the conflicts, poverty and disease that are a scourge on the continent: here.

Warnings that hundreds of thousands of Indonesians may already have COVID-19: here.

Amid an exponential growth of COVID-19 infections across Australia, medical experts and health professionals have warned that the country is unprepared for an expected surge in case numbers and hospitalisations. Insufficient supplies of ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors and nurses, along with intensive care beds in hospitals, have been reported in virtually all states and territories: here.

‘No workers’ coronavirus deaths for Wall Street’

This 26 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

‘Comrade Britney’ trending after Britney Spears calls for wealth redistribution amid Coronavirus

Whether she knows it or not, Britney Spears appears to have echoed the demand for a political movement in the U.S. after reposting a quote to Instagram that calls for a “strike” and the redistribution of wealth. As a result, many are now branding the pop star a “Marxist” and jokingly referring to her as “Comrade Britney.”

Alongside the political message itself, which was not originally penned by the Baby One More Time singer, the caption she wrote in the Monday afternoon post also seemed to have triggered the new nicknames.

“Communion goes beyond walls”, Spears wrote, adding three rose emojis — which are often used to symbolize Democratic Socialism, according to multiple outlets.

Though many believe Spears’ intention was to promote the political philosophy, the quote could also be interpreted as yet another simple celebrity response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has continued to have a massive impact on the global economy.

By Nick Barrickman in the USA:

Pop star Britney Spears social media posts go viral after telling public to “re-distribute wealth” and “strike”

26 March 2020

Pop music celebrity Britney Spears’s social media account went viral on Monday when a re-tweeted post calling for people to “re-distribute wealth” and “strike” was featured in her Instagram feed. The singer has 23.7 million followers.

The quote—taken from the Instagram feed of writer Mimi Zhu and in reference to the impact of “social distancing” measures adopted in response to the coronavirus pandemic—reads in part, “During this time of isolation, we need connection now more than ever.” It further says, “We will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web. We will feed each other, re-destribute [sic] wealth, strike. We will understand our own importance from the places we must stay. Communion moves beyond walls. We can still be together.”

Spears, most recognizable for a string of multiplatinum-selling “teen pop” hits in the late 1990s, highlighted her comment with three red rose emojis, generally identified with socialism.

Spears’s graphic caused a sensation across social media as her post was picked up and shared millions of times. The vast majority of commentary has focused on the phrase calling for wealth redistribution and what was interpreted to mean a “general strike”. Spears has not offered any subsequent public comment on the statement. Generally friendly references to “Comrade Britney” have popped up all over the place.

Zhu, in an interview with Paper Magazine done shortly after the Spears comment went viral, said that “we are in such a time of confusion, disconnect, and despair that I felt it really important and necessary to write about that for my own sanity and mental health … At least in New York, all of my friends got pretty much laid off [due to coronavirus shutdowns]. A lot of people are stressing about rent, basic necessities, and how to live and just kind of carrying all that.”

“With all that anxiety and confusion I knew I had to write what I wrote, and there were definitely socialist undertones,” she adds, “because in general that is what I do believe in.”

Meanwhile, actress Fran Drescher, responding positively to a tweet denouncing the “wealthy owners of capital [who] want labor to return to work” and calling for a general strike, wrote on her twitter account, “I agree. Capitalism has become another word for Ruling Class Elite! When profit is at the expence [sic] of all things of true value, we gotta problem.”

One sympathetic commentator noted jokingly, “Britney Spears and Fran Drescher both went full Trotsky today. Now we’re getting somewhere.” Another suggested, “I didn’t really expect the revolution to be led by Fran Drescher and Britney Spears, yet here we are and I’m absolutely fine with it.”

In a further sign of the times, an Instagram video by rap recording artist Cardi B has also gone viral due to the singer’s comments excoriating the generally self-absorbed attitude of the wealthy toward the impact of the coronavirus on society.

“The general public, people that work regular jobs, people that get regular paychecks, the middle class, the poor … they’re not getting treated like celebrities and everything,” the rapper says through a blue medical mask. If people who test positive for coronavirus but don’t have a high fever are sent home, she goes on, “Where do they think they’re sending people home to? Everyone doesn’t have the luxury … to go in a big-ass house and just stay away from people. A lot of people live in small … apartments with multiple people.”

“At the end of the day, this sh– could have been prevented when they found out about this sh– couple of months ago,” she said, slamming “45” (Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States) for the government’s callous response to the crisis.

By Jerry White in the USA:

“They don’t care about our health”

Strikes, protests spread as US workers demand protection from COVID-19

26 March 2020

Strikes and protests by workers demanding protection from the deadly coronavirus have occurred with increasing frequency over the last several days. Job actions in the United States and other countries are taking place even as the Trump administration and other capitalist governments around the world rush to restart production and the flow of corporate profit, knowing full well that this will accelerate the spread of COVID-19 and increase the death toll.

“That’s crazy”, Tonya, a worker at Fiat Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, said of Trump’s comments about ending the lockdowns and getting the economy “roaring back” by Easter. “There shouldn’t be any rush back to work. There isn’t a cure, and this is fast spreading and deadly. If we go back to work, we’ll be with co-workers who are sick but don’t have any symptoms. They would be sending us to be hurt, if not killed.”

How many must die for Wall Street? Amid growing evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading through American workplaces, powerful representatives of finance capital are demanding that the country be “open for business”: here.

Strikes and social anger are growing among workers across Europe against attempts by national governments and business groupsto force them to work at non-essential jobs amid the raging coronavirus pandemic: here.

German investor Dibelius: Big business must take priority over health care. By Peter Schwarz, 26 March 2020. It will only be a matter of days before Dibelius and his ilk will demand that workers who refuse to risk their health by going back to work should be forced to do so.

Since last Thursday, March 19, thousands of workers have been mobilized in a series of wildcat strikes and protests at call center in cities from the north to the south of Brazil. They have stood up against unsafe working conditions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This movement is part of a global wave of wildcat strikes, including at automobile factories in Italy, Spain and the United States and in other industries elsewhere: here.

Keukenhof park tulips video

This 26 March 2020 video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Gardener Michael takes you to the Willem-Alexander Pavilion – Keukenhof virtually open

Because you cannot visit Keukenhof right now,

because of the coronavirus

we decided to bring Keukenhof to you! In the upcoming weeks, we will show you the most beautiful places of the park.

This video is especially about tulips.