Coronavirus, Amazon and other workers news

This 17 March 2020 video says about itself:

Employees of Amazon‘s Castel San Giovanni warehouse went on an indefinite strike on Monday to contest the lack of safety measures amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“Here it’s not possible to work with the number of persons that we are, as we are constantly walking along each other, touching the same things, eating in the same space,” said Beatrice Moia, Safety Workers Manager at Amazon’s main Italian logistics hub, which reportedly employs over 1,000 people.

“We had a quite long meeting of over three hours with the company, we tried to apply here the protocol signed by unions and companies for safety but we haven’t found enough common grounds to ensure safety”, she added.

An Amazon worker, Maria Ipri, said that she doesn’t “wear a mask because they didn’t give it to us.” “The only one I have, I use it when I go shopping. Not having the possibility of buying them, I don’t wear it.”

Castel San Giovanni is a city located in Emilia-Romagna, one of the most affected areas in Italy with over 3,000 reported cases of coronavirus.

Health systems in Italy, the European epicenter of the disease, are so overwhelmed that they cannot process the corpses of the dead, let alone tend to the sick: here.

Italy’s death toll overtakes China’s. Coronavirus crisis cripples Italy’s health care system: here.

The maintenance and tightening of punishing economic sanctions against Iran as it confronts one of the world’s worst outbreaks of the coronavirus constitutes a US war crime: here.

A study published Monday by the Imperial College, a public research university in London, estimates that millions will die from the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom and United States. In their best-case scenario, in which transmission of the virus is massively mitigated, and “even if all patients were able to be treated,” the authors write, “we predict there would still be in the order of 250,000 deaths in GB, and 1.1–1.2 million in the US”: here.

The number of US Americans with coronavirus is nearing 15,000, and more than 200 have died: here.

Facing mask shortage, US doctors told to use bandanas: here.

New York City now the epicenter of coronavirus pandemic in the US: here.

First ICE officer tests positive for COVID-19. Immigrants in US detention facilities plead for help as coronavirus pandemic spreads: here.

There is growing outrage among workers in the United States and internationally over the fact that they continue to be kept on the job in the face of the spreading coronavirus pandemic and that no measures are being taken to secure their lives and livelihoods: here.

Amazon puts us at risk:” Warehouse workers discuss company’s inaction in the face of the coronavirus pandemic: here.

Some US auto companies announce plant closures, others remain open in wake of worker job actions over coronavirus: here.

Media blackout of wildcat strikes in US auto industry: here.

Drivers shut down Detroit bus system with sick-out over health and safety concerns during coronavirus outbreak: here.

Canada: Ontario Toyota worker describes company inaction in the face of coronavirus pandemic: here.

UK: Johnson government uses coronavirus crisis to seize dictatorial powers: here.

Retired UK welfare advice worker Terry Craven: “If they are going to build a herd immunity, they already know it’s going to kill thousands of people”: here.

Growing anger among Brazilian workers to response of government to coronavirus crisis: here.

The dispute over the German biotech company CureVac shows how national and profit interests hinder the rapid development of a vaccine against COVID-19: here.

Massive social disaster looms as worldwide job losses from coronavirus pandemic expected to reach 25 million: here.

Leading orchestras and musicians move to free online performances in response to the coronavirus pandemic: here.

11 thoughts on “Coronavirus, Amazon and other workers news

  1. COVID-19 has exposed the systemic flaws of our health care system for all to see.

    Millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured, and as a consequence, people will suffer and die because they are afraid that a visit to the doctor could ruin their family financially.

    This doesn’t happen in civilized countries that treat their citizens as human beings. Countries that provide their people with guaranteed health insurance spend less money and provide better care than we do. Enough is enough.

    Sign here to demand that corporate politicians who rely on blood money from the insurance and pharmaceutical industry put the health of the American people ahead of corporate donors and support Medicare for All!


    President Trump, when asked why wealthy and connected people have access to tests while the rest of us don’t, responded: “perhaps that’s the story of life.”

    That certainly has been the story of life in the United States, and the consequence has been needless pain for millions of families.

    The greed of the pharmaceutical and health insurance industry has ensured that our system remains cruel and profit-driven — but it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Not if we demand that Democrats who rely on blood money from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry place the health of our neighbors ahead of the profits of their corporate donors — sign on now to demand that they support Medicare for All.

    Every person has value. Let’s start acting like it.

    In solidarity,

    The whole team at Our Revolution


  2. The president’s view that the virus was a Chinese problem contributed to his failure to understand the need for testing and having enough medical equipment to respond to an outbreak.

    And now, Trump’s hateful rhetoric is adding fuel to the fire of misdirected violence and anger against Asian Americans, who have been assaulted or otherwise discriminated against since the rise of this global pandemic.

    I served on active duty in the U.S. military to defend the right of any American to make politically incorrect statements, but as a public figure, I cannot stand idly by while the president uses his pulpit to exacerbate xenophobia in a time of crisis.

    If you’re with me, please add your name today.


    We are in a worldwide, life-threatening pandemic, and we all need to work together. Thank you for your solidarity with Asian Americans and those who ask that President Trump demonstrate true leadership as we work to keep Americans from dying from this virus.

    — Rep. Ted Lieu


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