Sanders, Biden United States election debate

This 16 March 2020 video about the USA says about itself:

Bernie Sanders EXPOSES Lying Joe Biden in CNN Democratic Debate

Tonight’s CNN Democratic debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders wasn’t even close. Without the neoliberal blob and the crowds to distract, Bernie came off as sharp and principled, whereas Joe Biden demonstrated his noted cognitive decline and was caught lying multiple times about everything from bankruptcy laws to social security cuts.

Bernie Sanders did a good job tonight at showcasing Joe Biden’s weaknesses in a potential election with Donald Trump, but it is unclear if Bernie did enough to shift the overall momentum in the 2020 Democratic Primary generally.

16 thoughts on “Sanders, Biden United States election debate

  1. Bernie Sanders and our movement’s ideas were the clear winners of tonight’s debate.

    The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare why Medicare for All is urgently necessary, and tonight, Bernie drew a line in the sand. Healthcare is a human right, and Americans need a president who will fight to make that so.

    We need to take advantage of tonight’s momentum — let’s do everything we possibly can to ensure that our next president will fight for transformational policies like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. Our future depends on it.

    Rush a donation now to help Our Revolution support Bernie Sanders and a wave of progressive candidates who share his vision!

    In solidarity,

    The whole team at Our Revolution


  2. I hope every single American sitting in their homes tonight watched that debate. Every. Single. Last. Person.

    Because this debate made clear a fundamental truth many of us have always known.

    And that is on issue after issue — from health care and its impact on this coronavirus crisis, to Social Security, free college, abortion access, LGBTQ rights, climate change and more — Bernie Sanders is and has always been on the right side of history. Joe Biden has not.

    The American people will never have to worry if a President Bernie Sanders will stand with them — because he always has.

    But if we want to elect Bernie Sanders — a president who will change the power structure in America, taking it from the few who have too much and deliver it to those who need it — it’s going to take all of us chipping in. Especially tonight. So what do you say?

    Can you make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign TONIGHT as a way of saying we need Bernie Sanders and his agenda in the White House?

    $2.70 might not seem like election-winning money, but right now thousands and thousands of people are adding their $2.70 – just hoping you’ll do the same next.

    Thanks for doing it.

    Faiz Shakir
    Campaign Manager


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  4. One of the fundamental questions in this Democratic primary is who owns the power in this country and who can you trust to take it from those who have too much and deliver it to those who need it?

    Do you want the real thing — someone who has stood with working people in the fights that matter for his entire career?

    Or do you want someone who has argued that we have to cut Social Security, voted for the war in Iraq, supported the Hyde Amendment that restricts poor women’s access to abortion, has threatened to veto legislation that will guarantee health care as a right, led the fight for the disastrous bankruptcy bill, and much more?

    We have to make a choice. What kind of nation do we want to be?

    Do we want to work together to tackle the problems facing this country, or be one where nothing fundamentally changes for the people with power who make huge amounts of money on greed and corruption?

    Tomorrow we have a number of elections and this primary is far from over. So if you agree that our campaign and our agenda is what we need in the White House, then I am asking:

    Can I count on you to make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign today as a way of saying you want a president you can trust to stand up for the working people of this country?

    At a time of such economic uncertainty, in addition to the coronavirus, it’s time for all of us to ask how we got here and who our best choice is to deliver the change we need.

    I believe we are that campaign. Thank you for being such an important part of it.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders

    Paid for by Bernie 2020

    (not the billionaires)

    PO BOX 391, Burlington, VT 0540


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