Sanders, Biden, coronavirus and health Big Business

This 15 March 2020 video from the USA is called Health Insurance Stocks SURGE After Biden Wins.

This 15 March 2020 video from the USA is called Bernie [Sanders] Must Call Out Biden In Next Debate.

Trump Minimizing and Sugarcoating Coronavirus Perils; Bernie Must Continue Campaign. Bernie needs to continue his campaign to the Party’s convention. Just like Jesse Jackson did in 1984 and Ronald Reagan did in 1976: here.

Trump is running a pandemic response like a business — with disastrous results: here.

Paid Sick Leave Loopholes: ‘There’s a Giant Hole in [Biden wing Democrat] Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill’. “In fact, the bill guarantees sick leave only to about 20 percent of workers“: here.

Would Joe Biden, Like Hillary Clinton, Lose to Donald Trump Over the Iraq War? Here.

Joe Biden Pays Lip Service to Climate But Has Fallen Short on Action: here.

Jeremy Scahill Makes the Definitive Case Against Joe Biden: here.

18 thoughts on “Sanders, Biden, coronavirus and health Big Business

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