Italian musical solidarity during coronavirus disaster

This 2020 video from Italy says about itself:

Solidarity cacerolazo in Italy

A compilation of scenes from the national cacelorazo on March 13. “We open the windows, go out on the balcony and make noise”, said the call that hoped to become “a giant free concert”.

These Italian high rise residents make that music to show solidarity during the coronavirus disaster, now very lethal in Italy.

In Italy, bosses tell workers keep working, coronavirus danger from many people jammed together in factory halls or no coronavirus danger. Making big profits from selling cars etc. is supposedly more important than workers dying.

Italian workers at Fiat and elsewhere who don’t accept that have gone on strike to protect their health and lives.

However, the Italian government has banned strikes.

The music by the Italian high rise residents reminds me of a Chilean opera singer singing a freedom song from her high rise flat, and getting applause from her fellow high rise residents. These Chileans then were not confined to their high rise homes by the coronavirus, but by the violent right-wing Chilean’government‘s state of emergency, which included a ban on singing or making other sounds.

Coronavirus sparks nationwide strikes in Italy. Unions are calling for a halt to all non-essential production to ensure safety and sanitation of workplaces. By Paola Tamma.

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