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This 12 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on President Trump‘s mistakes handling the coronavirus pandemic, what he thinks the current administration should do to combat the illness and how his grandkids influence his politics.

Amid growing warnings that a substantial section of the global population could become infected in the deadly coronavirus pandemic, US President Donald Trump gave a prime-time address Wednesday characterized equally by its ignorance, its xenophobia and its total indifference to human life. In remarks consisting almost entirely of self-praise, Trump took no responsibility for the inaction and disarray that has characterized his administration’s response to the crisis. Rather, he presented the botched American reaction—viewed around the globe as a disgrace—as the “best anywhere in the world”: here.

The stark reality of the COVID-19 outbreak was made clear Wednesday, with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring it to be a global pandemic. Concerns are growing over the potential of the virus to spread rapidly throughout the United States, including in its immigrant detention centers where men, women and children are held in substandard and unsanitary conditions. Doctors are warning that without immediate, emergency intervention the spread of the coronavirus is inevitable among those detained in the network of facilities run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and private companies contracted by the federal government. The United States’ detention centers are infamous for their overcrowding and medical negligence, an environment favorable to the spread of infectious disease: here.

USA: They’ll sit in the office while you die”. Autoworkers condemn lack of response by management to coronavirus emergency: here.

In the face of growing public concern over the coronavirus pandemic, public officials in Michigan have announced a series of emergency actions including the declaration of a statewide emergency and the suspension of Detroit’s brutal water shutoff policy: here.

Behind closed doors, Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician of the US Congress and Supreme Court, informed the senate staff that he expects a staggering 70 to 150 million people in the United States to become infected with COVID-19, according to NBC. In Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated a similar figure, that up to 70 percent of Germany, some 58 million people, could become infected: here.

On coronavirus, Merkel tells Europe: “Drop dead”. By Johannes Stern and Alex Lantier, 12 March 2020. Merkel stated that a central priority of her government is to ensure the health care system does not become “overloaded” by the task of caring for coronavirus patients.

Amid a nationwide lockdown to halt the spread of the virus, 12,462 people in Italy were confirmed infected yesterday with the coronavirus COVID-19—a jump of 2,313 in less than 24 hours. Overall, 1,028 patients are in critical condition, and 827 have died. Even in relationship to China, the original epicentre of the pandemic, the intensity of the epidemic in Italy is reaching alarming proportions. While China has 56 coronavirus cases per million inhabitants, Italy has 206 cases per million inhabitants and a massive 6 percent death rate. In less than two months 827 people have died, while just over 500 people died of flu in Italy all of last year, making COVID-19 much deadlier: here.

Canada: Absence of sick pay and job security preventing at-risk and ill workers from staying home amid Coronavirus crisis: here.

Australian health professionals speak on lack of preparation for coronavirus pandemic: here.

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