White storks rest on church in Malta

This video says about itself:

Some of the White Storks which visited Malta in March 2020 roosted for several nights around Mosta and Birkirkara. The storks spent more than a week on Malta.

Notably, four of them settled for several nights on the steeple of St. Theresa’s Church in Birkirkara. Members of the public took photos and footage of these majestic birds in this urban setting.

White Storks (Ċikonja Bajda in Maltese) are large birds, tall, with a 155-200 cm wingspan. They are completely white except for the black wing flight feathers, and their red bill and legs, which are black on juveniles. They walk slowly and steadily on the ground. Like all storks, the White Stork flies with its neck outstretched. For us in Malta, the White Stork is a rare migrant, both in spring and autumn. It is more common in autumn than in spring.

Footage and editing by Nathaniel Attard.

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