Stop Antwerp, Belgium harbour militarisation

This December 2019 video in German says about itself, translated:

The United States troops with their war equipment and military units from other NATO countries are to be transported between April and May by air, water and the chronically overloaded road and rail systems in the Federal Republic of Germany. In its answer, the government lists the affected airports, seaports and inland ports and also lists the planned axes for the transfer of soldiers across the road, which lead to Poland in the north via Frankfurt (Oder) and Görlitz.

The relocation of thousands of soldiers and heavy military equipment by the Federal Republic demonstrably goes hand in hand with an enormous additional emission of CO2 and other environmental pollution. In times of increased environmental awareness, officially declared fight against CO2 emissions and “climate emergencies“, RT German editor Florian Warweg wanted to know at the federal press conference how the Federal Environment and Defense ministries evaluate the ecological footprint of the major Defender 2020 manoeuvre in Germany.

Translated from Veronique Couteur of the peace movement in Belgium today:

Defender2020: No Belgian participation in the NATO war games

This weekend a US ship calls at the port of Antwerp to unload a first load of material for the largest NATO war game of the last 25 years Defender2020. We do not wish them a warm welcome. Are you coming to the port this Saturday? Give a call to or via 0473/287673. #stopnato

3 thoughts on “Stop Antwerp, Belgium harbour militarisation

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