Rare tropical parula in Texas, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Tropical Parula (Setophaga pitiayumi) Feeding, Preening and Calling – Lion’s/ Shelly Park Refugio, Refugio County Texas – March 1, 2017

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:


07 FEB 2020 – Armand Bayou Nature Center, Harris County, Texas

Reported by eBird user Mike Austin on February 7, 2020 at 09:06

Tropical Parula (Setophaga pitiayumi) CONFIRMED


“Male. Tiny warbler with black mask, yellow throat & breast with orange was across latter, white belly & vent. Bluish wings with bold white wingbars. Blue back with greenish saddle. Higher-pitched chip than Orange-crowned Warbler. Seen intermittently for about three minutes foraging in dense vegetation at tops of yaupon & dense tree vines about 15 feet off ground. Usual place on Martyn Trail at bayou end of pine grove. Loosely associated with Yellow-rumped, Pine & and Orange-crowned Warblers & a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.”

Identification Notes:

Small short-tailed warbler; bright and boldly patterned. Blue-gray above with green back, two bold white wing bars (limited white in Middle American birds), and yellow-orange throat and chest. Males have darker face and brighter yellow-orange chest than females. Bill is sharp, black above and yellow below. Very similar to Northern Parula; note lack of white eye arcs and no dark markings on breast. Beware of rarely-occurring hybrids and some dull immatures, which can be very similar to Northern Parula. Common and widespread in forests throughout Central and South America; rare in U.S.; found only in mossy forests in southern Texas.

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