Iowa Democratic establishment recounts, to stop Sanders

This 6 February 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

BREAKING: DNC Announces Iowa Recount

The Young Turks’ Emma Vigeland reports on DNC Chair Tom Perez’s decision to initiate a recanvass of the Iowa results.

This 6 February 2020 video about the USA says about itself:

DNC Chair Tom Perez Wants Iowa Caucus Recanvass Because Bernie Sanders is About to Win

Just a few minutes ago, DNC Chair Tom Perez tweeted out that the Iowa Democratic Party should do an immediate recanvass of the Iowa Caucus results. But Tom Perez is only doing this right now because the results from the Iowa Caucuses are showing that Bernie Sanders has erased Pete Buttigieg‘s state delegate equivalent lead, and the DNC doesn’t want Bernie Sanders to be able to claim victory in Iowa for as long as possible, because they want to stop him

Now, there are reports saying Pete Buttigieg complained to Tom Perez about the satellite caucuses where Bernie Sanders did well.

This shows how terrified the Democratic establishment is of Bernie, and how Bernie needs to win every state by as many votes as possible to prevent further shenanigans.

THE APP at the centre of the chaos around the US Democrats’ Iowa caucus is owned by a billionaire backer of nominee Pete Buttigieg, it emerged today, raising concerns that the party’s elite are trying to rig the vote. … According to a report on the Grayzone website, the app developer — Shadow Inc — is “staffed by Hillary Clinton … campaign veterans and created by a Democratic dark-money non-profit [company] backed by hedge-fund billionaires including [Buttigieg campaign donor] Seth Klarman”: here.

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