Anger about Donald Trump banning Africans

This 1 February 2020 video from the Usa is called Trumps travel ban on Nigeria is an insult to Africa.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Eritrea has responded with dismay to the US government’s decision not to admit Eritrean immigrants. Residents of five other countries are also no longer allowed to settle in the US. …

The US government announced on Friday that residents of Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania are no longer allowed to emigrate to the US. According to President Trump, these countries do not meet US security requirements and information sharing rules. …

Eritrea is “bewildered by this hostile move”, which “sends a negative signal for no good reason” that is at odds with US policy of constructive engagement. There are also angry reactions in Nigeria …

The entry ban that Trump announced in 2017 for residents of Yemen, Syria, Iran, Libya and Somalia, countries with a Muslim majority, led to great anger. Visa restrictions also apply to North Korea and Venezuela.

TRUMP’S MUSLIM BAN BECOMES EVEN MORE RACIST Last week, Trump announced the expansion of his controversial travel ban, adding several more countries to the original 2017 list. Democrats and immigration advocates condemned the expanded policy, noting that the new order not only doubles down on targeting Muslims ― but it now explicitly targets Africans and Black African Muslims. [HuffPost]

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