Puerto Ricans demand resignation of governor

Puerto Rican demonstrators

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Puerto Ricans call for resignation of leaders

PUERTO RICANS demanded the resignation of Governor Wanda Vazquez yesterday over her mismanagement of an earthquake emergency in the US territory.

Singer Residente – real name Rene Perez – and baseball player Yadier Molina called on citizens to join a march to demand the resignation Ms Vazquez and Senate President Thomas Rivera following the crisis generated by multiple earthquakes that hit the island starting on December 28.

The march was scheduled to begin in the Caribbean island’s capital, San Juan, yesterday evening after the Morning Star went to press.

Residente said: “They have to understand that people have the power. The corrupt government, which has not been able to deliver, has to understand that we decide.”

He also tweeted a reminder that demonstrations last summer resulted in the resignation of then governor Ricardo Rossello, saying that the people should make a similar effort now.

Singer Ricky Martin also tweeted that he had travelled to Puerto Rico to participate in the rally against corruption.

“In times of greatest need for our people, those who supposedly should lead us have failed us again,” he said.

“They have once again transgressed the most basic rights of human beings: water, roof, education, security. They did it with evil. There is no other explanation.”

Earlier this week, food provided by international humanitarian aid agencies was discovered in a warehouse in the city of Ponce, having never been used to help some 4,000 people affected …

​Protesters are also demanding early elections to replace officials who, they say, should be ousted from the government.

Notes from Puerto Rico: Earthquakes and government indifference leave trail of social destruction: here.

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