No to nuclear destruction of all life

This 24 January 2020 video by Iraq war veteran and United States Democratic party presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard says about itself:

Doomsday Clock: It’s time to wake up!

As president and commander-in-chief, my foremost responsibility will be to protect the lives, safety and freedom of the American people — and that means preventing a nuclear holocaust. My personal commitment to you is that on the first day of my presidency, I will contact the leaders of China and Russia to set up a summit to end the new cold war and nuclear arms race, which will inevitably result in a nuclear holocaust.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists warns of “civilization-ending nuclear war”: here. And here.

A nuclear war that cooled Earth could worsen the impact of ocean acidification on corals, clams, oysters and other marine life with shells or skeletons, according to the first study of its kind: here.

4 thoughts on “No to nuclear destruction of all life

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