Suzuki, Jeep cars pollution fraud scandal

This 23 September 2015 video from the USA says about itself:

Volkswagen‘s Mind Blowing Global Pollution Fraud

WOW: Volkswagen installed software to defraud emissions controls

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Suzuki and Jeep fraudulent diesel cars must go back to the garage

Manufacturers of diesel cars Suzuki Vitara and Jeep Grand Cherokee must ensure that they are returned to the garage for a software update because of fraudulent software.

The two cars emit far more nitrogen than the manufacturer says, research by the National Road Traffic Agency (RDW) that has been investigating it for years, shows. The costs of the update are borne by Suzuki and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the parent company of Jeep.

Environment Minister Van Veldhoven says it is unacceptable that manufacturers use “unauthorized software strategies” to disguise too much emissions. She does not rule out that Suzuki and FCA will be prosecuted, but Van Veldhoven emphasizes that the public prosecution service will ultimately decide such a thing.

Similar cheating software has been found with the US American variant of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Last year FCA settled that case with the US authorities for 800 million dollars.

Owner must take action himself

The Dutch case concerns the Suzuki Vitara (Euro6b) and the Jeep Grand Cherokee (Euro5a). In the study, the RDW describes, eg, how a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee suddenly releases three times more nitrogen when tested above 20 degrees. “This cannot be explained”, the researchers write.

By that they mean the presence of fraudulent software, which makes cars appear less polluting during tests than they actually are. The software must be removed by an update. The cars must be recalled for this.

If the manufacturer does not collect the cars, then the European license can be withdrawn. The RDW can decide to do this, because Suzuki and FCA have applied for emission approval for the models in the Netherlands.

The government also wants the owners of fraudulent diesel engines to be obliged to return their cars for an update. This is not yet the case, but this obligation already exists in Germany and Finland.

The government believes the current recall is less effective and wants the owners to take steps. The government still has to lay down this regulation by law.

In 2017, the RDW already found fraudulent software in the two car types. More in-depth research has since been carried out and it is now unquestionably clear that cars on the road are much more polluting than during the roller bench test.

See also here.

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