Chileans in Britain on Chilean human rights violations

This 23 January 2020 video from London England is called Letter to the [British] Foreign Office from the Chilean community in the UK.

Brazilian Bolsonaro regime threatens journalist Glenn Greenwald

This 23 January 2020 video is called Brazil‘s Right-Wing Bolsonaro Regime Attacks Leading Critic Glenn Greenwald.

Troubling times in Brazil. In Spite of You lays bare the dire consequences for the country following Jair Bolsomaro’s election, says CARLOS MARTINEZ.

On Tuesday, February 18, Brazil’s fascistic President Jair Bolsonaro installed Army Gen. Walter Braga Netto as his chief of staff (ministro da casa civil). Braga Netto had been chief of staff of the Brazilian Army and its second highest ranking officer. With his appointment, Bolsonaro is now literally surrounded by military personnel, who hold the key positions in his inner cabinet: here.

Wren, sanderlings, purple sandpiper

This 2014 Dutch video is about the Schoorlse Duinen nature reserve.

After 22 January 2020 in the Schoorlse Duinen came 23 January.

During the night, we had heard a tawny owl call.

As we were on our way, a jay called.

We arrived at De Kerf sand dune valley.

A wren called from a bush.

This video shows a wren singing in March 2014.

On the beach, near the floodline, sanderlings.

On a sandbank, a lesser black-backed gull, herring gulls and black-headed gulls.

A great cormorant flies.

Scores of oystercatchers, on the beach.

On a pier near beach pole #30, a purple sandpiper.

Two carrion crows.

We walk back. This was our last full day in the Schoorlse Duinen.