Wall Street’s global warming protest

This 13 January 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

“Stop the Money Pipeline”: 150 Arrested at Protests Exposing Wall Street’s Link to Climate Crisis

Nearly 150 people were arrested on Capitol Hill Friday in a climate protest led by Academy Award-winning actor and activist Jane Fonda. Fonda has been leading weekly climate demonstrations in Washington, D.C., known as “Fire Drill Fridays”, since October.

For her last and 14th protest, actors Martin Sheen and Joaquin Phoenix, indigenous anti-pipeline activist Tara Houska, journalist Naomi Klein and dozens more lined up to get arrested as they demanded a mass uprising and swift political action to thwart the climate crisis.

Fonda then marched with supporters down Pennsylvania Avenue to a Chase Bank branch where environmentalist Bill McKibben and dozens of others were occupying the space to draw attention to the bank’s ties to the fossil fuel industry. Ten, including McKibben, were arrested. The day of action was the launch of “Stop the Money Pipeline”, a campaign to halt the flow of cash from banks, investment firms and insurance companies to the fossil fuel industry. “Let us remember that we are not the criminals”, Naomi Klein told a crowd of protesters. “The criminals are the people who are letting this world burn for money.”

XR activists outside pension fund managers Baillie Gifford in Edinburgh

XR activists target Edinburgh-based pension company for investing MSPs‘ pensions in ecocide. Baillie Gifford has increased the Scottish Parliament’s pension-fund holding in fossil fuel company Shell from £360,000 to £430,000: here.

14 thoughts on “Wall Street’s global warming protest

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  3. Dear friends,

    Remember this name: Jamie Dimon.

    He’s the King of Carbon — CEO of the world’s biggest banker of climate change, pumping $196 BILLION into planet-cooking fossil fuels since 2016.

    We have to stop him.

    After relentless public pressure, one of Dimon’s biggest competitors just promised a major shift away from coal — and Dimon’s feeling the heat. If he changes course, it could choke the fossil fuels industry and kickstart an energy revolution!

    Public pressure worked before — now let’s do it again!

    Dimon’s expected at a key global summit: Let’s meet him with millions of our voices, splash his face in a major financial paper, and force him to green his bank’s trillions — add your voice now!

    Click here to sign!

    Climate change isn’t in the future anymore — it’s here, now. We’re pushing against planetary boundaries every single day, and the costs are counted in acres burnt and lives lost. The need to shift trillions away from dirty energy has never been more urgent.

    But suddenly there’s huge movement, with the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, promising to put climate at the heart of their business. It’s a major breakthrough — and creates the perfect moment to target Dimon’s bank, JPMorgan Chase, and set off a chain reaction of big banks ditching fossil fuels.

    Let’s get to work! BlackRock moved after relentless public pressure — so let’s turn it up again and force Jamie Dimon to green his trillions. Sign now and tell everyone:

    Click here to sign!

    The climate fight is now an everything fight — from schools to politics, and business to finance, we have to show up EVERYWHERE. Thousands and thousands of Avaazers just donated to help fund fire rehabilitation in Australia, now let’s follow it up by pushing the world’s biggest banks to put the planet first!

    With hope and determination,

    Mike, Patricia, Christoph, Alice, Risalat, Nax, Pascal and the entire Avaaz team

    More Information:

    World’s top three asset managers oversee $300bn fossil fuel investments (The Guardian)

    BlackRock Will Put Climate Change at the Center of Investment Strategy (New York Times)

    Climate Devastation Is Big Business For Big Banks (Forbes)

    Banking on Climate Change Report – 1.9 trillion funnelled into fossil fuels


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