Trump’s Iran-Iraq war and the military-industrial complex

This 7 January 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Admin‘s BOGUS Justification for Iran Assassination

Exploring the Trump administration‘s absolutely bogus justification for the assassination of Iranian leader Qassim Soleimani

From Bernie Sanders‘ Our Revolution organisation in the USA today:

Last week, President Trump ordered the assassination of a senior Iranian official without even consulting Congress.

Tragically, this strike came just weeks after the politicians who take money from the military-industrial complex killed a measure supported by Bernie Sanders in the 2020 defense funding bill that would have explicitly forced President Trump to get Congressional approval before taking such an aggressive action that could plunge us into war.

We need to take a stand against a potential war with Iran and the needless death it would bring. Add your name to stand alongside Our Revolution against war with Iran!

Add Your Name

The fact that 188 House Democrats voted to give President Trump an increased military budget without proper restraints is shameful.

However, we need to move forward because lives are at stake. We must stand up to the power of the military-industrial complex and its relentless lobbying of Congress.

With so much power and money against us, the only recourse we have is to organize and prove the power of our strength. That’s why we are reaching out to you directly. Sign if you oppose war with Iran!

Thank you for standing up for peace.

The whole team at Our Revolution

7 thoughts on “Trump’s Iran-Iraq war and the military-industrial complex

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