‘No Dutch warship to help Trump’s war’

This 3 Jadnuary 2020 video from India is called Kargil Protest Against Killing Of Iranian General Soleimani.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

[Dutch coalition] government party D66

the least right wing in the four party government

wants a new look at the Dutch military mission in the street of Hormuz. D66 MP Sjoerd Sjoerdsma writes that on Twitter. At the end of this month, a frigate is supposed to leave for the waters near Iran to protect oil tankers, but Sjoerdsma fears that the liquidation of the Iranian general will lead to escalations in the region. …

The Socialist Party even wants complete scrapping of the mission. The opposition party was already against it. “And sending a Dutch warship to the Strait of Hormuz has only become more unwise under these circumstances”, said SP MP Karabulut.

She believes that US President Trump has chosen by killing Soleimani “for further escalation“.

Meanwhile, the racist pro-Trump politician Geert Wilders of the PVV party applauds Trump’s lethal attack on Baghdad, Iraq international airport.

TOP SENATE DEMOCRAT RECEIVED NO NOTICE OF U.S. STRIKE  The Trump administration did not inform Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) before its strike in Iraq against Iranian military leader Qassem Suleimani, an aide told HuffPost. Schumer is a member of the “Gang of Eight” lawmakers whom presidents traditionally keep updated about sensitive national security issues. [HuffPost]

Iran is already suffering from crippling economic, banking and monetary sanctions that have devasted its economy. Any war on Iran will inevitably strengthen the grip of the theocratic regime and thus weaken the people’s struggle for human and democratic rights and social justice. The ADPSD holds that there can be no solution to the crisis in the Middle East while a number of countries remain involved in “devastating proxy wars for domination and for the furtherance of the influence of reactionary regimes including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran.” The ADPSD is calling on all supporters of peace and detente to demand an end to the militarisation of the region and an immediate halt to further military action: here.

9 thoughts on “‘No Dutch warship to help Trump’s war’

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  3. General Soleimani was not a nice man. He had blood on his hands. He was not a peace activist but a terrorist. The whole Iranian revolution is one big terrorist movement. Why don’t You write about the massacre in Iran in past few months. Maybe a 1000 people have been killed by the regime that is numero second in the world in executing people.


    • The issue is whether Donald Trump has the right to murder people, nice men or not nice men at all, thousands of kilometers away from the USA, against the wishes of the Iraqi government, killing at least ten other people at Baghdad civilian international airport. If someone is not a nice man, then he should be on trial, and not get a ‘death penalty’ according to Al Capone’s ideas of justice, without any trial. If one considers General Soleimani a terrorist, then he is a state terrorist; while Donald Trump is a much bigger state terrorist.

      Even so, I would oppose murdering Donald Trump with drones or missiles.


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  5. When in the Netherlands, Pim Fortuin started 21st century political Dutch political Islamophobia and other political xenophobia, he was just one of many politicians. But then, an apolitical animal welfare supporter decided to murder Fortuin. That made Fortuin, undeservedly but it happened, a hero and a martyr in the eyes of many people who would never have voted for Fortuin otherwise. Posthumously, there was a big election victory for his party, which entered the government.

    Likewise, many people who up to now were not fans of General Solaimani, now after Trump’s murder, also of other ‘collateral damage’ people at Baghdad civilian airport whom you don’t hear about in corporate media, now started to consider Solaimani a hero and martyr. People in Iraq, Iran, and Kargil, Jammu and Kashmir, India (where the Hindu supremacist government of Modi bloodily oppresses Muslim people):


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