Australian mural criticizing governmental bushfire policies censored

Australian anti-government mural

This EPA photo shows an Australian mural criticizing the right-wing government‘s lack of anti-bushfire policies; as it was until early this morning.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Mural of holiday-reveling Australian Prime Minister painted over

A critical mural about Australian Prime Minister Morrison in a Hawaiian shirt has already disappeared. Artist Scott Marsh made the work three days ago, after much criticism had been made in Australia of Morrison’s decision to go on a Hawaiian vacation while his country suffers from forest fires.

Morrison was depicted on the mural with a cocktail glass, flower wreath and Father Christmas hat, in front of a background of fire. “Merry crisis”, he told spectators.

So the work didn’t last long. Artist Marsh posted this video this morning on Instagram.

Marsh was disappointed to an Australian news agency that his work has disappeared. He speaks of “a shame” and says that many people really appreciated the mural. “But there is always the risk that someone will take offense and paint over it.” …

Especially on social media, the prime minister had received a lot of criticism. At the time of his vacation, the situation in southeastern Australia became more acute; two fire service volunteers were also killed.

Money for the fire brigade

Marsh says that his critical mural has been good for something: shirts and posters of the work have so far raised around 15,000 Australian dollars (9500 euros). That money is intended for the fire brigade in the affected areas.

24 thoughts on “Australian mural criticizing governmental bushfire policies censored

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