US candidate Pete Buttigieg neglects racist murders

This 26 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Pete Buttigieg Has Blown Off Families of Black Murder Victims

Status Coup’s Jordan Chariton spoke with Vernado Malone, an activist with Justice for South Bend, on a series of questionable murders in South Bend Indiana–and Mayor Pete Buttigieg‘s lack of action.

WHY BUTTIGIEG’S DEFENSE OF DONORS IS SO FUZZY Pete Buttigieg, like most of his fellow Democratic presidential contenders, has signed a voluntary campaign finance pledge that he will not take money from fossil fuel executives. But this apparently didn’t count when it came to Craig Hall, the owner of the now-infamous “wine cave” in California’s Napa Valley that hosted a swanky fundraiser for Buttigieg. [HuffPost]

BUTTIGIEG’S CAMPAIGN RAISES NEARLY $25 MILLION IN 4TH QUARTER Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s latest fundraising figure of $24.7 million, just short of his campaign’s second-quarter haul of $24.9 million, comes amid criticism from his Democratic rivals, particularly Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), around his high-dollar fundraising events. [HuffPost]

BUTTIGIEG REJECTS IDEA THAT BLACK VOTERS AREN’T INTO HIM “The Black voters who know me best are supporting me,” Pete Buttigieg said at Tuesday’s debate, when asked whether it’s possible Black voters don’t like what he has to say. Black Lives Matter activists assert that Buttigieg has been inactive on homelessness, police reform and has targeted Black and Latino neighborhoods for development projects. [HuffPost]

BUTTIGIEG’S MAYORAL STAFF WAS DISPROPORTIONATELY WHITE At an NAACP forum last year, Pete Buttigieg told the audience that as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, he strived to appoint aides who reflected the city’s diversity, and as president, he would do the same. But a new analysis by HuffPost of the executive staff Buttigieg surrounded himself with as mayor found that two-thirds were white, in a city that is roughly half nonwhite. [HuffPost]

18 thoughts on “US candidate Pete Buttigieg neglects racist murders

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  4. This week, Pete Buttigieg sent out a mailing to New Hampshire voters using right-wing and insurance industry talking points to attack Medicare for All and our campaign.

    He called it a “Medicare Briefing Report” – but it is really just a mailing designed to scare seniors, people who live in rural communities, people with disabilities, and union workers.

    It was disappointing.

    But honestly, these things happen on political campaigns. At least until candidates peddling these lies are made to pay a price for them.

    So that’s what we want to do: make candidates who attack Medicare for All with falsehoods pay a price.

    And that is why we’re asking:

    Make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign today as a way of saying that we are NOT going to let Pete Buttigieg or his friends in the insurance and pharmaceutical industry scare people out of voting for Bernie Sanders.

    Pete Buttigieg probably spent $100,000 on this mailing. The cost of its creation, printing and liberal distribution throughout the state. So what we want to do is double that — in this email — because doing so will not only help us win, but also send a message that there’s a price to pay for these attacks.

    All my best,

    Faiz Shakir
    Campaign Manager


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