6 thoughts on “Bolsonaro’s Brazil, bad for coffee workers, disabled

  1. It is a shame that Brazil is being under pinned by a right wing extremist government. This is happening here in Alberta Canada where I am from. But attacking the disabled is what these types of governments do. Attacking the underprivileged is a natural trait that is born into them or so they believe. The world order is being destroyed through such tyrannical right wing governments and the way they legislate privatizing government assets. They sell of anything that brings in money to help pay for services meant to help those who are the less fortunate in our world. Killing off people is just another method of controlling the masses. Control is the number one reason they wanted to be elected. Run under a law and order campaign and bring in the complete opposite against their own people.These are what I think stink world governments across all countries in our world. God Bless everyone who stands up against such attitudes and fights for the rights they deserve.


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