Australian bushfire Prime Minster Morrison mocked online

This 22 December 2019 video from United States CBS News says about itself:

Bushfires spreading in Australia

Australia is under a state of emergency as bushfires devastate New South Wales. Climate scientist Lucky Tran and CBS News climate change and contributing meteorologist Jeff Berardelli join CBSN to break down the weather science behind the raging fires.

Dutch NOS TV reported on 23 December 2019 that many Australians are mocking their global warming denialist Prime Minister Scott Morrison is mocked on the Internet.


Australian teenagers make fun on social media of Prime Minister Scott Morrison after his absence during the devastating forest fires in the country. More than 1.2 million videos have already been posted on the popular music app Tiktok under the hash tag #scomo.

Various memes are also distributed via Twitter and Facebook. The videos feature texts such as “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel and “You never see me again” from the September song Cry for You.

15 thoughts on “Australian bushfire Prime Minster Morrison mocked online

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