Stop the United States military-industrial complex

This 18 December 2019 video says about itself:

Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed that appeared in The Washington Post on Tuesday where he laid into both Democrats and Republicans for passing Donald Trump’s $738 billion military budget, which includes money for the border wall and Space Force. Sanders called out these politicians for being the ones who claim that we can’t do anything to actually American citizens with programs like Medicare For All, yet they always find money to feed the military-industrial complex. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

By Ben Cohen, co-founder of United States ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s, today:

Hi, I’m Ben, the ice cream guy. But I’m not here to talk about ice cream.

Actually, I wish I was talking about something as fun as ice cream, but I’m here to talk about the insane military-industrial complex that is fueling endless wars across the globe and preventing us from addressing real challenges at home like student debt, the climate crisis, and health care.

But the good news is that this email is about doing something about it.

We need to build [Bernie Sanders‘] Our Revolution groups across the nation that can help hold members of Congress accountable to us and not to the military-industrial complex that demands military budget increases year after year with agreement from both Republicans and most Democrats. …

Congress just approved a $738 billion military spending bill that provides a $22 billion increase over last year, and brings the total increases in the 3 Trump years to $130 billion.

Sadly, this year is the first budget passed by a House Democratic majority, which dropped defunding of the Saudi-led Yemen attacks and restored funding for a new round of nuclear weapons after a conference committee with the Senate included all of that and more.

Fortunately, our champion Ro Khanna and 40 other House Democrats voted “No”, providing us with a starting point for a national campaign to stop these increases next year, as well as the endless wars. Watch Ro Khanna on the House floor eloquently present the case against adoption:

Our Revolution and our allies will launch a major campaign in 2020 to demand an end to endless wars, the new round of nuclear weapons, funding the war against Yemen, and more. I look forward to joining that campaign and hope that you will join me and your local group as we organize next year.

It’s great that Bernie Sanders will vote no in the Senate, and when he is president he will lead the efforts to reverse endless wars and endless military spending increases. But we need to build a majority in the Congress that will demand new priorities like a Green New Deal, Medicare For All and free public college. One of the ways we can pay for that is less wasteful military spending. …

Thank you,

Ben Cohen

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