Photographer meets African elephant herd

This 5 December 2019 video from Africa says about itself:

Photographer captures incredible encounter with a herd of elephants.

This was the moment wildlife enthusiast Ewan Wilson got up close and personal with a herd of giant elephants while retrieving a camera trap in the bush.

This once in a lifetime opportunity happened on November 24, while Wilson was getting footage of the elephants happily grazing when they decided it was the perfect time to investigate the truck.

Ewan told Newsflare “These incredible mammals decided to spare our lives that day. They had every right to crush me and flip the vehicle but they didn’t.

“Despite having such a young calf in the herd the alphas kept us alive.

“Please do not replicate or recreate this event in the wild. I never go out looking for these interactions as the risks involved are not worth the outcome.”

7 thoughts on “Photographer meets African elephant herd

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