Pine siskins at Texas, USA bird feeders

This 4 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Exciting news! The West Texas Hummingbird cam is transitioning to regular bird feeders for year-round viewing in the wintertime! Here, a flock of Pine Siskins arrive to snack on sunflower seeds and suet while taking in the mountainous landscape.

Donald Trump-Trudeau quarrel, parody song

This 4 December 2019 music video from Britain is a parody of the Beatles song Hey Jude.

It is about the quarrel of United States President Donald Trump with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the NATO summit in London.

The video says about itself:

The Tweetles – Hey Trude

Donald Trump’s Beatles tribute band has a musical message for Justin Trudeau.


Hey Trude, don’t make it SAD!
Took a summit and made it bitter
Remember I don’t know the Duke of York
And your locker room talk
Has got me triggered

Hey Trude, don’t be two-faced
One looks so great, the other one I hate
Which one has been talking behind my back?
Must be the black
I bet it’s Kenyan

So let me out, I’m going home
Hey Trude, you blow
Keep your dirty hands off my Ivanka
And stay away from Melanie
Hey Trude, don’t be


Hey Trude, don’t make me SAD!
Took a summit and made it bitter
Remember I don’t know the Duke of York
And your locker room talk
Has made me triggered
Triggered, triggered, triggered…

TRUMP ONCE CALLED PRINCE ANDREW ‘A LOT OF FUN’ President Donald Trump can’t keep his story straight regarding his relationship with Prince Andrew. On Tuesday, he claimed that he didn’t know the disgraced royal. But People dug up a 2000 interview with Trump in which he’d said of the prince: “He’s not pretentious. He’s a lot of fun to be with.” [HuffPost]

Trump denounces Macron’s criticisms of NATO at London summit: here.

WORLD leaders gathered in Watford today as the Nato imperialist war machine attempted to paper over the cracks with growing rifts between the supposed allies. Much attention has focused on a perceived spat between French President Emmanuel Macron and his authoritarian Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Both are accused of war crimes — Mr Erdogan for his jihadist-backed ethnic cleansing campaign against Kurds in northern Syria and Mr Macron for the sale of arms used to deadly effect in Yemen: here.

Billionaire politician wants more taxes for poor people

This 3 December 2019 video from the USA is called [billionaire ex-Republican now Wall Street Democratic party presidential candidate] Michael Bloomberg: Raise Taxes On Poor People.

While billionaires in the USA already pay fewer taxes than poor people

Anti-Chinese racism in Hungarian speed skating

This 22 February 2018 video shows the Hungarian men’s short track speed skating relay team, led by their coach Ms Zhang Jing, win the Olympic Winter Games final, beating China and Canada.

We already knew that in Hungary under far-right Prime Minister Orban, there is homophobia; there is racism against refugees, against Jews and against Roma.

Now, it turns out there is anti-Chinese racism as well.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

National coach of Hungarian short track leaves after insults and racism towards China

The national coach of the Hungarian short track team Zhang Jing resigned after one of her pupils had made derogatory and racist remarks about China, precisely the country where the national coach is from.

The Hungarian short-tracker Csaba Burjan, who won gold with the relay team during the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, is said to have expressed an insulting opinion of Chinese people and wrote ‘fucking China‘ in an Instagram post. The national coach reacted indignantly and shocked at those statements.

“I cannot tolerate a Hungarian skater, let alone an Olympic champion, making such racist comments about China,” Zhang said on social media. The Hungarian team still has two members who have Chinese roots, the brothers Shaoang Liu and Shaolin Liu. Their father is from China.

Zhang has been the national coach of the Hungarians since 2012 and achieved great success during her tenure. For example, under her leadership, Shaolin Liu once became world champion and four times European champion and he and his brother won silver and bronze at international championships. The Olympic gold with the relay team in Pyeongchang was the crowning glory.

Candidates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, foreign policy

This 4 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Bernie Sanders is distancing himself from [Elizabeth] Warren. Cenk Uygur, Emma Vigeland, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

From Politico:

Bernie Sanders‘ revolution has gone global.

As the Vermont senator battles Elizabeth Warren for the left wing of the Democratic Party, he’s increasingly tried to find an edge on foreign policy. Sanders has portrayed his candidacy as one part of a worldwide worker-led movement, praised … leftist leaders across the globe, and tried to articulate a foreign policy further afield of the establishment than Warren’s.

Sanders’ foreign policy views are a clear mark of distinction from Warren in a race in which their domestic agendas are viewed as very similar.

That view may not be 100% correct. As Senator Warren at first backed a Medicare For All plan similar to Sanders’; but later backtracked.

Left-wing leaders around the world see an ally in Sanders — Brazil’s Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva recently thanked him for his “solidarity” and Bolivia‘s ousted Evo Morales called him “hermano Bernie Sanders” — but have not publicly embraced Warren in the same way.

Elizabeth Warren issues call for internet censorship: here.

Terschelling island fungi and birds of prey

Mushroom, 25 September 2019

Still 25 September 2019 on Terschelling island. And still seeing lots of fungi, like this one.

Mushroom on 25 September 2019

Sulphur tufts, 25 September 2019

Next, sulphur tufts

Fungi, 25 September 2019

… and these neighbours of them.

Russula, 25 September 2019

This red russula mushroom.

Birch polypores.

Amanita, 25 September 2019

And Amanita fungi. Both this young one …

Amanita old ones, 25 September 2019

… and these two old ones.

Back at a sand dune valley near West-Terschelling: a hobby and a buzzard flying.

Wall Street presidential candidate Harris, buh bye!

This 3 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Top Tier [Democratic party presidential] Candidate Kamala [Harris] Drops Out!

Ms Harris hated criticism of her by fellow candidate, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, in a recent debate. Then, Ms Harris referred to herself as a ‘top tier’ candidate, who supposedly should not be criticized by ‘non-top tier’ candidate Gabbard.

However, now Ms Harris is no longer a candidate. While Ms Gabbard still is.

This 3 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Kamala Harris is ending her campaign to become President. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down


Kamala Harris is ending her presidential campaign after months of failing to lift her candidacy from the bottom of the field — a premature departure for a California senator once heralded as a top-tier contender for the nomination.

Harris told aides of her intentions in an all-staff call on Tuesday, and a person familiar with the conversation said she sounded distraught. While Harris had qualified for the December debate in her home state later this month, she was running dangerously low on cash — lacking the resources to air TV ads in Iowa — and her staff was gripped by long-running internal turmoil.

Low on cash? Even though a recent, November 21, 2019, news item had still headlined: ‘Kamala Harris has more billionaire donors than any other Democrat running for president’? And still, not enough money for campaigning? Maybe because most non-billionaire people did not give even one cent to Ms Harris?

On Tuesday, US Senator Kamala Harris terminated her 2020 presidential campaign, becoming the highest-profile candidate to withdraw from the race so far. Harris’ ignominious end—less than 11 months after launching her campaign with great fanfare, and before the primaries have even begun—demonstrates the mounting inability … to mask a right-wing political record and program: here.