Waders of Terschelling island

This spring 2015 video is about wader birds of Terschelling island.

After 23 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 24 September.

It started with a great spotted woodpecker early in the morning.

Near the harbour of West-Terschelling, a curlew calling.

On the mudflats south of the island: brent geese and shelducks.

On the mudflats a bit further east: two spoonbills. Oystercatchers.

Wigeons swimming. A golden plover.

A lapwing.

In Hoorn village, blackbirds in a garden. Many house sparrows.

Terschelling against drilling, 24 September 2019

On a window, a poster against corporations drilling for natural gas on Terschelling. The poster of the anti-drilling movement shows a woman in Terschelling regional dress.

Terschelling gasvrij

That poster is inspired by an older peace movement poster of a woman kicking out a nuclear missile.

Kruisraketten Nee

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