British poet Attila the Stockbroker voting Labour

This 29 January 2017 video from Britain says about itself:

Attila The Stockbroker – 35 years a punk poet

This is a mini-documentary to celebrate my 35 years earning my living as Attila the Stockbroker. It was directed by the very talented Farouq Suleiman and I think it sums me up pretty well. Recorded in some of my favourite places: at home in Southwick, West Sussex, in Shoreham Port, 800 yards from our front door, at Brighton & Hove Albion FC’s Falmer Stadium (that’s what we fought for all those years, that’s what I’ll always call it!) in Harlow, Essex where I started out as Attila, and live at a gig at the lovely The Greys Pub in Brighton. With some vintage footage of me with HAIR and background music by my medieval punk band Barnstormer. Well done, Farouq. Thanks. And, folks, if you like it, and know someone else who might, please share away! We are DIY 🙂

By British punk rock poet Attila the Stockbroker, 22 November 2019:

Election 2019: Why I’m Voting Labour: Attila the Stockbroker

I’M VOTING Labour to end years of despair, poverty and hopelessness for so many.

And not just that, but to end the feelings of helplessness and unease I encounter in those who are themselves doing OK but loathe the inequality they see all around them.

I’m voting Labour to stand against bigotry, xenophobia, division and the lies of four unelected press billionaires.

I’m voting Labour to give people a third of my age the opportunities I had when I was 20, long destroyed by years of Tory policies.

But I’m not just voting. I’m getting out on the road doing 13 gigs between now and the election to raise funds for Labour and the spirits of those fighting for change.

From November 24 to December 12 I’ll be touring Havant, Norwich, Wakefield, Doncaster, Coventry, Hastings, Brighton, Aberystwyth, Pembroke, Hartlepool, Newcastle, Long Eaton and Shoreham.

Come to a gig if you can!

Tour details:; and Twitter: @atilatstokbroka

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