More homeless mothers in Boris Johnson’s Britain

This 7 June 2019 video from Britain says about itself:

Homeless Young Mums: Living In A Mother & Baby Hostel

What do you do when you’re young, homeless and have a baby? As homelessness in the UK reaches the highest level in a generation, for many this is an all too real predicament. With 130,000 children now growing up with no fixed abode, the government has described the situation as a national crisis.

This film follows the ups and downs of a group of young women who, with nowhere else to go, are temporarily living in a mother and baby hostel in Luton. With support from staff, they are able to forge friendships, come to terms with the past and begin to rebuild their lives, before eventually being placed in a permanent council home.

Katie, 19, found herself homeless with twins after her relationship with her mum and stepdad broke down and she split up with her boyfriend. Talamika, 22, has lived in the hostel for three years but can’t leave until she has cleared her £3,000 debt.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Midwives seeing a rise in homeless mothers

MIDWIVES in Britain are reporting increasing numbers of homeless mothers and pregnant women, a shocking new poll has revealed.

The joint survey carried out by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and Channel 4’s Dispatches programme found that 99.7 per cent of midwives had seen homeless mothers in the last six months.

The midwives collectively care for 15,000 women every month.

They warned that they are dealing with increasing numbers of pregnant women at risk of homelessness.

The survey says cuts to benefits, changes in the welfare system and widespread shortages of suitable housing in many areas of Britain are disproportionately affecting pregnant women.

The effects include pregnant women “sofa-surfing” or living in overcrowded or unsuitable accommodation, pregnant women living in hostels and pregnant women living on the streets.

The results of the survey were broadcast by Channel 4’s “Born Homeless” Despatches programme last night and included harrowing individual stories.

Among them was Temi, who moved to London from Ireland to be closer to her family.

She is expecting a baby in days and faces the prospect of bringing her baby home to severely overcrowded and unsuitable accommodation.

Temi and her children have been living in a single room in a hostel with other homeless mums for more than a year.

Clare Livingstone, professional policy adviser at RCM, said: “Every day midwives and other health professionals working in our NHS are caring for people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

“They are among the most vulnerable in our society and midwives have a unique insight into the problem, visiting all women and babies where they live.

“The RCM’s recent guidance for midwives on the duty to refer pregnant women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless needs the backing of NHS employers, in enabling staff to undertake training and providing the time for them to appropriately care for women in these circumstances.

“We know that homelessness leads to stress and ill-health in pregnancy and that there are potentially adverse effects for the babies of these vulnerable mothers.”

The character of Boris Johnson’s new government has been made clear by the entry of members of the fascist Britain First into the Conservative Party: here.

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