Chilean soprano singer sings against martial law

This 27 October 2019 video from Chile says about itself:

Chile: The heart-stopping moment a soprano breaks the martial law (Wait for the end)

This is the chilling moment soprano Ayleen Jovita Romero defies the silence curfew, imposed under martial law by the government of Sebastián Piñera in Chile and sings the song “El derecho de vivir en paz”, (The right to live in peace) by Victor Jara.

Such is the silence because of the martial law, that her voice echoes through the buildings, while people from their windows and balconies are “holding their breath” to the words of her song, until the moment she hits the final note and a wave of applause by dozens of people fills the night and space of a neighborhood under police siege.

The video consists of two scenes of the moment from different angles, one of them being the point of view next to the singer’s window.

The soprano is singing a song from a guitar artist called Victor Jara, he was killed by the Pinochet dictatorship (imposed by the CIA back coup). Jara was taken prisoner along with thousands of others in the Chile Stadium, where guards tortured him, smashing his hands and fingers and then told to try playing his guitar. He was then shot over 40 times and killed. The song is called “The right to live in peace”.

The first video is from “El Canto Nuevo de Chile” Facebook page and the other from the soprano’s Instagram account (@ayleenjovita.soprano).

A Chilean Opera Singer Sang In Peaceful Protest During A Curfew For Thousands Of Her Neighbors. Soprano Ayleen Romero performed the Chilean protest anthem “El Derecho de Vivir en Paz,” or “The Right to Live in Peace”: here.

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