Chilean musical protest against governmental bloodshed, austerity

This video from Chile says about itself (translated from Spanish):

On October 25, 2019, THE PEOPLE of Chile expresses its dissatisfaction and desire for a dignified and peaceful life, demanding respect for human rights and the departure of the heads of government through music, the sound of their instruments and their voices singing the song of Victor Jara, who was murdered horribly by the Pinochet dictatorship, “THE RIGHT TO LIVE IN PEACE”.

Video by Eugenia Carvajal.

This video says about itself:

Victor Jara – Derecho de vivir en paz (1973)

Original videotape footage from Chilean TV in August 1973, shortly before Jara was tortured and killed by the Pinochet thugs. Here Jara performs ‘El derecho de vivir en paz’ —The Right To Live In Peace— a song with lyrics of great hope. [It was later convincingly covered by jazz-rockers Congreso]. I’ve added subtitles in Spanish for the lyrics and in English as translation of Víctor’s preamble and of the Spanish lyrics. I’ve also supplied the video with lead sheet chord shorthand (it IS a good song!) and with references to other recordings of this and other Jara songs.

Today, Dutch NOS TV reports that the Chilean right-wing government has cancelled the United Nations COP25 climate change conference, planned for the Chilean capital Santiago on 2-13 December.

From the Diálogo Chino site in Chile:

The group Civil Society for Climate Action (SCAC, in the Spanish acronym), which includes several Chilean NGOs, said the current situation made dialogue on climate impossible.

“It is not viable to discuss the future of the planet, climate justice and each country’s commitments (known as Nationally Determined Contributions, or NDC’s), as long as Chile has broken with the rule of law and sent soldiers to contain protests over social discontent, generating panic, murders, and cases of torture”, it wrote in a press release issued Friday.

Maybe, right-wing Chilean President Piñera was scared that a million Chileans would gather outside the COP25 conference hall, singing not that flattering songs about his lack of real anti-climate change policies. The Atlantic Council, the fan club of the NATO military alliance, has awarded Piñera a prize for his environmental policies. But militarists are hardly the best judges on environmental policies. Greenpeace and other environmental organisations have denounced giving Piñera an undeserved award for environmentalism.

Maybe, Piñera was also was scared that Chileans and other demonstrators might sing less than complimentary songs on his COP25 guests, like representatives of the climate change denying governments of Trump in the USA, Bolsonaro in Brazil and Australia.

Piñera has cancelled the APEC trade summit in Chile planned in November as well. Eg, United States President Donald Trump was expected to attend.

Maybe, right-wing Chilean President Piñera was scared that a million Chileans would gather outside the APEC conference hall, singings songs not very flattering about Donald Trump and austerity.

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