Argentina under right-wing President Macri

This December 2016 video says about itself:

Argentina: Thousands march for release of Milagro Sala on International Human Rights Day

Thousands of protesters rallied for both the defence of their human rights and the immediate release of political prisoner Milagro Sala in the Plaza de Mayo on Sunday. The day of protest also falls on the anniversary of Mauricio Macri‘s government, which demonstrators argue has worsened the social and political state of the country.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The peso is falling and falling in value, inflation is screaming and now more than a third of the population lives in poverty. …

“I was here a year ago and see the differences”, correspondent Nina Jurna says from Buenos Aires. “More and more people are sleeping on the streets because they have lost their homes. The tables at the once popular, chic restaurants remain empty.”

“Everyone suffers”, says Latin America connoisseur Michiel Baud. “It reminds the Argentines of the 1970s: when you as a foreigner exchanged your money for a cup of coffee at 11 am, and did it again at 1 pm because the peso had already dropped in value so much again.”

Today Argentina is electing a new president, one to save the country plagued by crises. …

The current president Mauricio Macri is at the top of the ballot papers. A neo-liberal who promised in 2015 to get Argentina out of debt. He would let the market do its work and promise to attract investors.

But they did not come and Argentina only went deeper into the red. Macri even had to request an emergency loan of $ 57 billion from the International Monetary Fund, despised by Argentineans – the largest loan the IMF ever granted.

With the broken promises, Macri‘s popularity also disappeared. …

Macri‘s challenger is the left-populist duo Fernández-Fernández (no family). Alberto Fernández makes a shot at the presidency, his running mate is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner – the one from whom Macri took over four years ago.

The couple is considered an absolute favorite. In the polls, they lead with a difference of 20 percentage points – enough to win the first-round elections. …

People hope that left-wing populists will improve their personal situation quickly, Jurna explains. “They will probably try again with subsidies. At least people then will be able to pay their rent again.” …

In the meantime, the Argentines are watching on television the disturbances in their neighbouring countrhies. They see how the president of Chile is rolling back [right-wing] reforms under pressure from students and how the indigenous people of Ecuador are doing the same. “The Argentines certainly get inspiration from those protests“, says Jurna. “They see that the power of the people is enormous.”

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