Allosaurs and related dinosaurs, video

This June 2919 video says about itself:

The Natural History of Allosauroidea Part 1: Metriacanthosauridae and Allosauridae

Natural History has finally returned! Instead of more tyrannosaurs, I decided to start another group of theropods, and since my previous video featured Allosaurus prominently, I decided to do a video on the family tree of everyone’s favorite Jurassic theropod, which is much larger than you might think. Unlike tyrannosauroids, which started out small and slowly got bigger, allosauroids seemed to start out big and at the top of the food chain for most of the Jurassic Period and the first half of the Cretaceous. Be sure to wait until the end to learn about the candidates for the next wave of Creature Profiles. The winner of the poll will be the subject of my next video, and will be followed by a Natural History of Ceratosauria.

Shortcuts: Erectopus – 3:37

Yangchuanosaurus – 6:30

Xuanhanosaurus – 9:55

Shidaisaurus – 12:18

Metriacanthosaurus – 13:55


Siamotyrannus – 19:15

Allosaurus – 23:08

Saurophaganax – 28:24

Poekilopleuron – 32:00

Antrodemus/Epanterias – 34:08

Creature Profile Poll – 37:42

A 23 October 2019 video used to say about itself:

ALLOSAUROIDEA. Allosaurs, Carcharodontosaudoids and other related theropods. Size comparison. Paleoart.

FEATURED TAXA: Shaochilong, Australovenator, Concavenator, Siamraptor, Yanghuanosaurus, Neovenator, Allosaurus, Saurophaganax, Acrocanthosaurus, Mapusaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Giganotosaurus.

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