Dragonflies, sea urchins, birds of Terschelling island

Migrant hawker male, 21 September 2019

After 20 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 21 September. We walked from West-Terschelling to the North Sea coast. We saw migrant hawker dragonflies. We heard a jay.

A carrion crow on a meadow.

On a bush, a willow emerald damselfly.

Birch bolete fungi along the footpath.

Two kestrels hovering, and driving a sparrowhawk away.

A bit further, a buzzard flying.

Reed bunting female, 21 September 2019

As we approached the last sand dunes separating us from the beach, this female reed bunting.

Sand dunes, Terschelling 21 September 2019

The final sand dunes were steep; but still, we could see the sea already.

Atlantic jackknife clam shells, Terschelling, 21 Sepember 2019

On the beach, many Atlantic jackknife clam shells.

Also, many dead small shore crabs. Also some, bigger, brown crabs.

Two common gulls.

Sea urchins, Terschelling, 21 September 2019

Also, sea urchins on the beach.

Serpent stars, Terschelling 21 September 2019

And, among the Atlantic jackknife clams, some serpent stars.

Stay tuned, as there will be more on 21 September 2019 on Terschelling on this blog!

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